There is nothing more empowering than a class with supportive people and an encouraging instructor all working hard together. The term Group Fitness covers any form of fitness that is led by a group instructor or a personal trainer and is done in a group setting.

While group fitness is not new, it has seen huge international recognition over the last two decades. There has been a rapid rise in numbers of people participating in aerobic classes, dance-based classes, CrossFit, soul cycle, spin cycling, and other group-friendly forms of exercise.

Most people find it hard to find the motivation to exercise alone and being in a group gives them the zeal to power through the various exercises. After all, there is strength in numbers.

Here are some exercises that are group friendly


In the 1990s, a Columbian dancer and choreographer, Albert Perez created an exercise fitness program known as Zumba. Zumba is so popular because it feels more like a dance party than like an actual workout. Zumba is all about high-energy classes that blast upbeat music and feature choreographed dances that belong in a night club.

The classes are so great because they emphasize more on having fun than on rhythm and technique. This fitness program enhances flexibility, helps build up strength, and is an overall great cardio workout. Grab your friend and sign up to a Zumba class today! I promise you’ll have fun.


Pilates is a physical fitness program that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates aims to strengthen muscles and to improve flexibility and postural alignment.

This exercise is a full-body exercise but it tends to target the core more. This exercise involves slow, precise movements and a lot of breath control. If you ever decide to try this exercise make sure you stay in the middle of the room so you can watch the regulars who catch on to the instructor quickly.


One of the oldest texts in existence and the earliest written record of yoga 2000-year old treatise on yogi philosophy, ‘Yoga Sultra’ was written by the Indian sage Patanjali. Yoga protects your spine, helps build your strength up, makes you more flexible, prevents cartilage and joint break down etc.

Yoga is all about poses that enhance your well-being and promotes improved control of the body and mind.

Soul Cycling

Soul cycle is a spin class that is beyond other spin classes because it is designed to boost your mind as well as your body.

The classes are held in a low-lit studio where riders can ride to the beat of the blasting music. Each Soul Cycling class consists of strength training and cardio, music is also a big part of the fitness program.

Advantages of Grop Fitness

You Will Work Harder

Sometimes when you are working out alone you find out that you don’t actually push yourself hard mostly because there are no instructors or fellow group mates to encourage you to work harder. Working out in a group setting tends to bring out the best in us. You will feel pumped and ready to work harder once you’re being showered with encouragement by the instructor and your group mates. Sometimes we give up even before we try whenever we’re exercising alone. Let’s say that you’re used to carrying 5 pounds of weight when you’re exercising, instead of trying to add another 5 pounds weight to the 5 pounds you are used to carrying, you might stay years just carrying that 5 pounds whenever you want to exercise without increasing it, whereas if you were in a group fitness program the instructors would push you to try till you’re able to handle 10 pounds or more weight.

More Consistency

It is easier to be more consistent in your practice and training if you are a part of a group fitness program. Showing up to class is a lot easier when you know people are expecting you there. If you don’t show up or if you keep cancelling, people will notice and call you out on it.

Positive peer pressure in this situation can help control any further urges you might have or be having to skip a class or to give up. Having a certain group of people waiting for you will give you that motivation and accountability we all need to be successful in everything we do.

It Keeps You From Getting Bored

It’s hard for some people to stay motivated because they get bored easily when they’re working out alone. Being in a group fitness program will prevent boredom and give you that positive vibe you need. There is nothing like positive group energy in class. The energy you get from group fitness programs will fuel you throughout the day.

Time Away from Home

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere that isn’t your house especially if you work at home or during the weekend. Going to a group fitness program will give you that chance to stay somewhere else that isn’t our home. It also helps that you would focus more on your workouts in the program than you would have at home.

Disadvantages of Group Fitness

Lack of Personalisation

Sometimes the fitness needs of an individual may not be addressed because group programs are not customized to fit each individual’s needs, they are created for a general audience.

You might have to get a personal trainer if you have special needs that group fitness cannot fulfill. E.g. if you have an injury that requires certain exercises. 

Classes can be inflexible

Most class schedules don’t work for everybody. Life is unpredictable and a set time sometimes doesn’t work out for people and you can’t choose the exercise you want to do

You have to correct yourself if you make a mistake.

The instructor can’t watch everyone at once so he might not catch your mistakes so you have to be alert enough to know when you make a mistake and then make sure you correct yourself.

Group fitness is not for everybody so if you try it and it doesn’t work for you then feel free to look into other exercise programs. It is important that you find an exercise that works for you so exercising won’t seem like a chore to you.