A new study showed that ADHD might be on the rise in the United States. They are showing a positive increase over the last decade in adults, especially in white males. These findings are alarming and have surprised many in the medical field, with children being the most commonly diagnosed.

There is no answer to the reason why there is a sudden rise, especially since researchers generally research the disease in children and its development over time. However, now there are more and more numbers revealing the disorder’s prevalence among adults who may or may not have suffered from the symptoms as children.

The study was published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open, where researchers took a look at records from patients in North Carolina. They showed that the cases where patients were diagnosed increased by almost half compared to 10 years ago. These findings left researchers of the disease baffled when asked to guess the real reason. Though there are some theories and a bit of speculation, there has been no link between the two found. Especially surprising was the fact that the increase was found in adult cases as ADHD is a disease commonly found in children. However, this has to do with a lack of medical attention, or can ADHD develop or evolve over time? The answer is not known, nor will it be anytime soon. This has led to a lot of opportunities to study as medical professionals hope to help with the several remaining undiagnosed. Since it is not commonly diagnosed or brought to attention in adults, there is possibly a lack of both patient and doctor bringing that to mind.

More cases in some races?

The Vice President of research at the Child Mind Institute in New York said, “Our findings offer hope that ADHD is increasingly being recognized and treated in adults, and will motivate future population studies to assess diagnosis rates and trends further.” This has shed some light on a rather dark and unknown area in the medical field. There is no cure for the disorder. As of date, it can only be managed with medication or practiced methods to relax and focus the brain. Interesting statistics about the study revealed that among all races studied, it was white males that saw the most increase in diagnosis. Though there is not a known link, there have been some suspected ideas about why there is this sudden surge in numbers cases and especially among white males.

One suggestion is the fact that white males tend to be among the higher paid and hold, on average, better jobs and salaries than any other sex or race. This, in turn, directly means more access to medical care as they receive more check-ups and can visit the doctor more often than other ethnicities. However, thinking about the reason behind the detection of this disorder comes with many more challenges. This is because the study reveals the information of those that are in the medical system. This means that of those not used in part of the study could possibly be suffering without the proper healthcare or income to receive the check-ups that lead to a diagnosis. This should shed some light on many of the problems that the healthcare industry is facing today as lower-income individuals from other ethnicities may not ever be diagnosed.

More experience, better and faster ways to recognize the disorder

However, on the bright side, this has opened up a new window in the world of ADHD. Doctors have been able to recognize better signs that lead to faster recognition meaning that they are also able to better treat the disorder, especially after years of working with it. But where is this newfound problem coming from, you may ask? The causes of ADHD are still a gray area when it comes to research, with very few studies that have been able to narrow it down to a root cause. The main and most widely accepted cause is genetics, usually showing up among generations when wither parent suffers from the disorder. A new theory was brought up in the medical field recently when a study conducted about the attention span of adults revealed that adults only have the capacity to pay attention to a total of 6 seconds. Thanks to quick advertisements, pop-up ads, access to information, and the advances in technology, it’s no wonder that we get a little anxious. This, however, has raised other questions as to whether or not it should be treated medically or personally by making myself choices changes. Though an official link between the two has not been established, there are a few researchers that swear by it, claiming that the number of adults diagnosed is only going to get larger.

Feeling lack of attention or inability to focus?


Anyone that has or thinks they may have symptoms of ADHD like; inability to focus, frustration, poor planning, and organization and frequent mood swings might want to visit a doctor. This could be thanks to ADHD that has gone undiagnosed. This needs to be done with caution with the only available treatment, as of this time being medication. A medical solution comes with its own challenges, with many of the current treatments on the market highly addictive. With the current state of medical practices and more and more people in the population suffering from depression and opioid addiction, this may not prove to be the best option. There are some natural practices that can be used, such as yoga, meditation, and possible counseling to combat the disorder, but for now, much more research is needed. Overall, it can be a relief for many adults that have suffered but have not yet taken the correct measures in order to combat their disorder. For this reason, medical professionals predict to see an even higher rate of diagnosis, calling for more research for a better method to manage and treat ADHD. As of now, those with a new diagnosis will have to work with current methods on the market, in combination with medication for the best results.