The wellness and fitness industry is radically growing to another phase; before, fitness was regarded as a way of staying fit, taking shape and shedding off some weights.

However, the world of fitness and wellness has upgraded more than the regular belief of the common man and it is clear that there is a new trend in the niche.

Old fashion tanning methods, techniques, and skills are gradually fading out, while it is being replaced by innovations, technology inclined machines and super performing devices that help you get more fit. The new ideas, techniques, and ways of approach to fitness have been revamped by new results from research and studies carried out by elites in the industry. More so, the target audience for fitness products and knowledge who would never accept that they needed help have now joined the wagon, and become indispensable advocates for fitness messages.

It is only natural to go in line with the packages and benefits the revolution in the fitness industry has for its participating audience. Although, there were some trends witnessed in the past and only a few of such development can make it to the new face of the revolutionalized fitness niche. Some witness trends would surpass the temporal time, while some will eventually fade out with time.


For years to come new trends can only be observed and study how they will emerge and be the face of the industry in the shortest time. Understanding what the trends would offer would be a determining factor to the sustainable income for healthy communities, while it would also help raise investment opportunities into the fitness sector without raising an eyebrow by the potential investors.

Also, the latest trends would help the fitness industry and the stakeholders to effectively determine who their client is and how to follow up with such consumers with limited recourses.

Having this information would help health-related companies, and fitness-oriented organizations to strategize and position their business ideas towards having a successful future for the business generally. Based on the survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) about the fitness trends in corporate organization, clinical and the entire health sector, about the coming year has exposed many response captures from over 200 respondent worldwide, has shown the sharp decline in the practice of traditional fitness and the new audience who have developed interest also.

Past surveys revealed that the new age in the fitness industry has more than one trend and it has coastally grown daily with innovations and add-ons from several sectors contributing to the growth. The trends include but not limited to Medical fitness for older adults and young adults, group tanning classes, fitness wearable technology, intensive interval training and many more. All the listed trends and additional ones not mentioned have been considered to be trends at the forefront of the fitness niche and have also been a breakthrough for the fitness audience.

Fitness practices for older adults

The old methods of training and hitting the gym for weight loss have become obsolete, and seven days 7 kilos diets have been forgotten long ago.

The journey to getting thinner and staying alive and kicking is no longer for the aim of becoming slim again. Now the aim of fitness training is focused on becoming active and feeling much healthier. More so, the future is going towards seeking the advice of professionals in the fitness industry and guiding them towards the general wellness and well being. Additionally, other adults do not stop at seeking professional help, but also go ahead and employ personal trainers who will train them and instruct them in healthy living.

Their trainers direct and instruct them on training routines, and also perform a motivating role which cannot be stressful for them. Traditional fitness training which has been skipped by older adults has now seen the importance and role of physical exercise and the general balance of life.

Group training sessions

There are many benefits derived from a group training session and people know how it works for their advantage.

Firstly, attendees of group training sessions are always motivated and they are always controlled by the instructors who are somewhat experienced and work wonders on the users and the environment is always engaging.

During group training, the benefits derived cannot be compared to the activities you engaged in the personal workout you do on your own. An excellent way to mingle with others network and socialize is also derived from the broader audience and larger group of training sessions. Besides, in a larger audience training session, new training formats come up every day and new training tricks can always be implemented every day. Military boot camps and training sessions aimed to maximize the performance of the audience participating in the group sessions.

Wearable and technology fitness 

Examples of fitness tech materials that could help you advance your wellness and fitness range from smartwatches, HR monitors, GPS and fitness trackers.

They are now the trends observed and commonly among younger generations. Trackers are very useful and the ability to store sensitive information about your steps and calories burned have made it an essential piece of tech in the world of fitness.

Another benefit you tend to enjoy while using a tracker is the ability to analyze and improve on the results collected by the tracker makes it so essential. The positive behavioral change is an important part of the fitness tracker. Innovations and advancement in technology have saddled the fitness trackers with apps that can easily prompt the users and updating them about the need to exercise at a particular time.

High-Intensity Interval Tanning

Short periods of intensive training is observed, which would also be followed by short breaks. The efficiency of the training observed lies in the time invested and the concentration expended on the workout activities. Fitness audience is now seeking a more engaging environment where physical activities and intensive workouts are organized which in turn would yield a profitable outcome on the participants. Visible results from the training engaged in by the audience are evidence that shows the positive outcome over traditional fitness methods.

In general, the prescription of fitness and exercise observed by the participants has to be an improvement in the fitness world, while innovations and technology advancement have brought out new solutions for the target audience.