Gone are the days for boring and predictable baths, thanks to the bath bombs. With bath bombs, you will experience different fun baths alone or with your loved one.

Bath bombs come in many diverse colors, scents, shapes, and even sizes, just as you would prefer. Most importantly, their production involves moisturizing and skin-nourishing oils and kinds of butter to ensure your skin feels appreciated and fresh after every bath.

Moreover, the market has bursting bath bombs options that may meet their claims or disappoint you. That is why to rip full benefits of your bath bomb; you should buy quality from a renowned manufacturer who understands the needs of your skin and freshness like simplysoaperior.co.uk.

Did you know there are other methods of using your bath bombs?

Read on.


Sinus Relief

Sinus can be irritating, wanting you to avoid scents and dusty areas. Besides, it’s more annoying sneezing in public after every scent passes by!

Luckily, a bath bomb can be a great relief to your sinus problem. Therefore, you should buy a bath bomb with eucalyptus oil to lift the sinus even when you have a cold. Moreover, you can also use this with your child or any family member experiencing a blocked nose or a cold. Just fill the tub and drop your bomb and hop in.


Aromatherapy Treatment

Usually, bath bombs have essential oils to help you relax, lift your mood or keep you more awake. So, ensure you check the ingredients before buying your bath bomb. Remember, the essential oils included are responsible for the scent produced; therefore, choose what you like. For instance;

  • The lavender essential oil contains a definitive scent with fresh, floral notes. This scent is likely to help reduce nervousness, depression, and tension.
  • Rose essential oil is another popular scent with sweet, floral traces. Just like lavender, it also relieves depression.
  • Lemon essential oil comprises of fresh, clean scent. It is very uplifting and tends to provide a fresh and energized feeling.
  • Peppermint and similar minty essential oils have a cool, refreshing aroma. They are excellent when it comes to easing headaches and nausea. Moreover, they will also leave you feeling refreshed and energized.


Air Freshener

Have you ever bought something so cute and felt the need to have it longer? Well, bath bombs are so cute that you would feel that dropping in the tub for your baths will use them up quickly. But, worry not!

It would be better to display your bath bomb in a cute sizable dish in your bathroom for an air freshener. The fragrance will help maintain sweet-smelling, subtle, and not overpowering air in your bathroom for an extended period.


Home Spa Environment

Why pay for a spa treatment while you can achieve one in your bathroom with a bath bomb? After a long hectic week at work:

  1. Give yourself a spa treatment on a Saturday night before bed.
  2. Dim the lights and add some soft music. Because you will be in the bathtub for a long time, it would be perfect for bringing some wine.
  3. Have a towel behind your neck or a pillow to make sure you rest comfortably.

Drop-in your favorite scented bath bomb and get in the bathtub. Enjoy!

Remember, using a new bath bomb will create the desired effect and fizz up easily in water. So, do not store your bath bomb for too long without using it.