Business and commercial organizations have suffered due to the effect and impact of the Covid -19 virus. A few months ago, countries locked down their borders against international travel to control the spread of COVID -19 and also contain it. The world waited for a long time expecting the pandemic to subside or get eradicated.

However, all efforts to manage and eradicate the virus proved abortive as the virus remains highly contagious and hard to contain. Gradually, countries opened their borders as the decision affected economic activities negatively, affecting trade with other countries.

With the decision, the world had to learn how to live with the virus and to protect themselves against this deadly virus until a world-ready vaccine is tested and approved. The production and testing stage for the vaccines seems to be taking a long time because of the complexities involved in the virus and multiple strands of the viruses found in different countries. However, with the continuous research and scientific analysis of the virus, the only solution that has become imminent is conations and proper cleaning of public areas and most accessible spots.

Effective management processes need to be employed, and professionals that understand the cleaning process should be engaged in these services.  Covid-19 Sanitation and Janitorial organization should be the point of contact for facilities and business area disinfection for COVID 19. In this write-up, you will understand the best methods and practices to follow throughout the pandemic to ensure your facility and business area is safe and virus-free. These practices would protect you and other occupants of the building against the COVID 19 virus and also provide you with immediate action plans that should be employed.


Ways To Ensure Proper Protection Of Your Business And Facility Against Coronavirus

The best and only available solution at hand is to learn how we can live with the virus and ensure we stay safe until every single person on the planet earth gets to vaccinated against the virus. Knowing the dangers of having an asymptomatic individual in your facility should give you a sense of duty and responsibility to keep cleaning, and disinfecting your facility in case there is any form of infection in your vicinity as the pandemic days go on.


Look Out For Educating Resources And Materials From Trusted Organization Or Website

The most imminent danger that could cause the spread of the coronavirus is misinformation of any kind. If you or your entire organization and business workers are misinformed about the virus, you can easily fall victim to the virus and be infected. If the organization relies on information sources that are not verified or from a trusted entity, there could be misinformation or misrepresentation of the information. Being ignorant of important information is very dangerous during health crises of any type, especially if it is in the early stage where scientists and researchers are still on the verge of figuring the virus out.

You must seek accurate information on measures to keep your organization and yourself from the virus through a verified platform. For current and verifiable information, data, and other relevant resources that would keep your organization safe during this pandemic, you can visit The World Health Organization, or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website for up to date resources on how to fight the Covid 19 virus.


Ensure You Audit And High Touch Areas Within Your Office Facilities

Of course, your business would attract many people during business hours and during the time you are open for services. Besides, if you operate a retail business where customers walk in, you might have plenty of individuals to handle daily. The COVID19 virus is transmitted from person to person as they touch surfaces and other spots that have the virus on them.

Surfaces and areas in your business environment would be prone to millions of bacteria, especially when an infected person touches those surfaces COVID- 19 virus would be on the surface. That said, such areas must be disinfected frequently, and invest time encouraging your workers to keep a healthy environment.  Order a comprehensive audit on those surfaces which are most prone to touch and ensure they are decongested and cleaned regularly. Ensure the surfaces of chairs, light sites, coffee stations, computer keyboard and mouse, railings, tables, diaper changing stations, doorknobs, telephone handles, TV remotes, elevator buttons, kitchen surfaces, water cooler handles, and other surfaces susceptible to contamination are assigned to be cleaned.


Properly Disinfect The Marked Out Area That Is Prone To Touches

Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) speculations, there is a difference between disinfecting and cleaning surfaces. Yes, cleaning surfaces can be a great way of removing dirt and ensuring the surfaces are not only sparkling but devoid of anything that might have coated them. However, when you disinfect, you kill germs, viruses, and bacteria that might be on the surfaces.  To properly disinfect the high touched areas in your business area, you would need to properly sanitize the surfaces by combining several cleaning and sanitizing products to achieve an optimum safe environment. If you can lay hold of cleaning products that serve both roles, it would be best you opt for such products.


Side tips while disinfecting any highly populated area and touch spot:

Whenever you are carrying out a disinfecting process, you should ensure you do not wipe off the disinfectant immediately from the surface. Most of the disinfectant needs to spend at least five to ten minutes on the surfaces to help kill the virus or the bacteria that reside on them. Also, ensure certified cleaning personnel checked the labels of any cleaning products you are using for your facility to ensure it is safe for use around humans.


Encourage Proper Hand Washing Practice Among Your Staff

One of the best practices against the Covid – 19 virus is proper handwashing. You should ensure you enlighten and counsel your staff about continuous protection against the virus by washing their hands regularly with soap and water. Also, mandate that employees who must entertain any visitor at the office should ensure the visitor adheres to the safety rules of handwashing and also social distancing as advised by CDC. Implement instructions and cautions that enable employees to wash their hands before getting to the work area. It is a way to prevent viruses, bacteria, and pathogens from entering the office facility.

Stick posters with proper directions and instructions informing both visitors and employees about the ways and steps to act and behave in your business area as a safety precaution. Aside from the necessary information that is stuck to the populated areas to guide employees, you must provide sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent of alcohol as directed by the center for disease control. Providing alcohol-based sanitizer would also help keep the consciousness of safety among staff and visitors coming into your business premises.


Ensure Proper Sanitary Methods Are Followed While Handling Cleaning Equipment And Products

The need to ensure your facility is safe and virus-free is the optimum goal. However, all cleaning equipment should be well-handled to avoid misuse. The use of fresh, new, and clean sanitary supplies is crucial to preventing any form of germs in your business area. Protecting your health and that of your occupant’s health is very important. Ensure you instruct the cleaning teams handling the cleaning process to use microfiber cloths, while soap dispensers, sanitizer dispensers are well-positioned at the appropriate places. Sticks of mops and other cleaning materials should be properly cleaned, disinfected, and dried after use. It would be best to invest in a spray-and-vac system designed to dispense cleaning solutions to the environment.


Frequent Sanitation Through Cleaning Schedule

For your business environment to be safe from viruses and any germs, you should rely on a strong and effective cleaning schedule that helps prevent your facility from the effect of viruses. Strict adherence to the cleaning program and the set schedule would ensure surfaces and areas that are crowded are safe and secure, especially areas that are infected with the virus. Create a bi-weekly plan that entails cleaning the entire surrounding and disinfecting as much as possible. The cleaning process should identify surfaces and platforms that might host these viruses due to human traffic or consistent touches. Also, ensure to monitor the disinfecting process and supervise the cleaning to make sure it gets done appropriately. All the rules that govern the cleaning should be followed and ensure that it is adhered to appropriately.

An effective tip for sanitizing your office facility: Follow the disinfecting rules and methods highlighted by the EPA while you should also choose to use the disinfectant that they have recommended.