When did you last visit a salon for blow-dry? Sometimes, learning to do things on your own could save you a great deal of money, time, and disappointment. For instance, most people wouldn’t know where to start doing their blow-dry hence run to the nearest stylish all the time.

While a blow-dry may look simple, it may be challenging if you have no guidance. Learn how to do your blow-dry from the comfort of your home, just like a professional. Read on.

Buy a High-Quality Blow Dryer

As there are plenty of dry blow brands in the market with different prices, you should find the need to invest in a top-quality choice. Well, that is if your hair matters so much to you. A good blow dryer will come with unique features with multiple heat settings, ionic air technology, and even a cool shot to close hair cuticles.

Apart from the special features, it should also be sizeable for portability, ergonomic design allowing a comfortable grip. For more choices and reviews, you should browse for the best blow dryers in the current market.

Work On Dry Hair

Of course, you should always blow dry clean hair. Assuming you are from washing it, make sure it is dry before you pick up the blow-dry. How you dry and what you use for drying matters. To achieve the best and most comfortable blow-drying session, you should minimize the amount of moisture in the hair before you start.

This way, you will need not use a lot of heat while straightening, which can be uncomfortable. It would also help if you dried your hair using a small, clean, and dry microfiber towel. This is an excellent choice as it will reduce the tension and friction on your hair.

Brush the Hair

For starters, never brush wet hair. Brushing wet hair will only damage it instead; use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair. Always do this before brushing to avoid the brush from sticking in the knots, leading to pain and hair breakage. If you do not fancy using a comb, use a brush with soft bristles.

Moreover, your type of brush is also a significant concern. Please check the ezhairclinic.com on the best hairbrush to avoid hair breakage. Brushing helps in achieving quick-drying and less heat damage.

Use Heat Resistant and Styling Products

Always pick a heat protectant that works on your hair, whether wet or dry. Remember always to read the instructions of your heat protectant to be sure of using it correctly. This is because some work better when using hot items or dry hair.

As for the styling products, ensure you apply them evenly to your hair. It would help if you parted your hair as you apply it on the entire scalp and hair.

Blow-Dry Your Hair

You should understand the use of the attachments of your blow-dryer. Make sure you use the nozzle attaching to the end of the dryer. The nozzle helps maintain concentrated air circulation so that the hot hair does not escape and cause frizz. Also, it ensures a smooth finish.

While blow-drying, do start from the front to the back. It is easier to start on the visible part, which is also tough to smoothen. Once the hard part is over, it will be easier to work your way to the back as you wind up. Remember to pay attention to the roots by lifting them for more volume as you blow-dry. You can also add some rollers once you finish drying your hair and remove them after some time as the hair cools down. The rollers will create curls to enhance even more volume.

With the accurate knowledge that blow-drying your hair can damage your hair, it would be proper to handle your hair matters. Follow the above steps to make sure of safe, effective, and healthy for your hair blow-dry.