Even a hundred years ago, cancer was not so communal. Still, its incidence is gradually rising alarmingly since the last couple of decades, and now it has taken the figure of a life-threatening demon in most of the household, unfortunately. According to recent research, every fourth person is having a lifetime risk of cancer. It is quite a shock to know that cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and is responsible for approximately 9.6 million deaths in the year 2018.

Why is cancer so common nowadays/ Causes


Cancer can be described more as a lifestyle disease in the current century. Though the leading causes of the disease that are fueling to such a high rate. But, it has still not adequately found out, a part of the disease is caused because of the consumption of tobacco, obesity, lack of active life or improper exercise, and also regular intake of junk and oily food. Moreover, the unhealthy lifestyle of the present generation is perhaps the root of the severely tragic disease.

What do they say?

  • Shyam Aggarwal, an oncologist of Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, stated that alcohol consumption plays a vital role in the probability of increasing lung and oral cancer.
  • Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) commented that one-third of cancer-related issues are because of the five leading behaviors. Responsible is also dietary risks such as high body mass index, low intake of fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity along with the already said results of tobacco and alcohol consumption.
  • Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer already but fortunately have achieved a new life after proper treatment have often termed cancer as the perfect teacher who teaches to seek out help in various aspects to influence health during the disease.

The disease is dangerous enough to affect the patients by several breakdowns, but to embrace all scars that become a part of the body while undergoing the complicated treatments of the disease, is a sign of true heroism.

Is there any treatment for cancer?

The question perhaps already struck all of us at some particular time. When we hear the shocking news of our near ones diagnosed with the worst disease, we probably learned about some deaths by the disease.

While a guaranteed treatment for cancer has not yet been showered on us by the research team or doctors or scientists, the most common treatment includes surgery with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Some patients are also prescribed to undergo immunotherapy or other clinical trials as being suggested by the oncologist. But it is our failure that in this advanced globe, no proper medicine has been discovered yet that is capable of assuring an adequate cure for cancer. However, a brave step of Cancertame Private Limited has again stimulated our hopes in the past few years. Their aim is quite to praiseworthy and innovative at the same time as they are opting for a way of treating cancer that is quite innovative.

What is Cancertame?

Cancertame is a gift and invention of Cancertame private limited to the world of humanity after a prolonged period of research on the treatment of the disease named cancer. Where the ever-increasing population is dedicated towards deforestation, this company thought of using the herbs for a betterment, by amalgamating them in the formation of CANCERTAME- a medicine to treat cancer. As cancer is mainly a malady of genes, so the battle against cancer was concentrated on normalizing the cancer cells by reversing their mutations. They targeted this point and found out a path to connect it with the said factor so that the treatment is much smoother and assured.

For more than two decades of systematic research, while the procedure was gradually spreading, Cancertame Private Limited identified and gathered more than 450 anticancer herbs that can repair the damaged DNA. These herbs contain the elements of antimutagenic and anti-tumor, angiogenic, and other chemoprotective properties. Then the experts of the company isolated concentrated extracts from the selected anticancer herbs to develop the famous Cancertame Ayurvedic formulation that assists the patient in battling cancer without any side effects at every step, that includes genesis, growth and the overall spread of the disease.

How do CANCERTAME Ayurvedic Formulation functions?

This is an ayurvedic discovery that is aimed to tame the aggressive cancer cells by repairing the damaged DNA and also blocking various cancer-promoting and cancer generating enzymes as well as hormones. The life destructing disease mostly affects the immune system of the body where it registers itself. Hence, CANCERTAME also revives the process of apoptosis, inhibiting tumor angiogenesis, and, thus, merely enhancing the immune system. As a cancer patient has to undergo a course of complicated surgeries, building up the immune system is very much integral, and all you need is some product that would help you fight cancer more effectively. CANCERTAME promotes the production of cytokines, interleukins, interferons, and certain tumor necrosis factors that also reduces the toxic disadvantages of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, along with stabilizing the body to fight the devil disease. So having this Ayurvedic supplementary along with the other prescribed surgery probably would not prove to be a disappointment for the patients who are surrendering every phase of their lives to the devilish hands of cancer.

How is CANCERTAME a remedial medication?

Though the discoverers of CANCERTAME do not provide any deal consisting of the guaranteed factors that the medicine can entirely cure cancer, it is undoubtedly an excellent remedy for patients who are resistant or refractory to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is mainly for people of old age who do not have much time to recover entirely due to the short period or for patients suffering from kidney failure or a liver malfunction. The best part of the medicine is that it can be taken along with the other surgeries, and still, it will never show any side effects.