First, losing weight is personal, and if you chose not to, it is still very okay. People often feel frustrated in their weight loss journey and end up giving up without getting desired results. The bitter truth is there is no quick fix, and you will not lose 10 pounds overnight.

To lose weight successfully, you will have to approach the process healthily and sustainably. Besides, you don’t want to gain back all the weight loss and even more! Weight loss requires changing one’s lifestyle, adaptability, and a lot of patience. Remember, your success should measure how you feel and not what reads on the scale.

Are you interested in change by dropping some pounds? Consider the factors below before you start.


Establish Your Reasons for Losing Weight

Why do you want to lose weight? It would be best to write down all the reasons you start on the weight loss journey. Still, reading these reasons every day will make you motivated to stay on the course till you achieve what you want.

Some people want to lose weight to boost their self-confidence, prevent diabetes and even have a prolonged life to see many generations in their lineage. Conversely, others embark on the journey because the doctor wants them to.

However, the best accomplishment for weight loss is from reasons within rather than a push from elsewhere. Ensure your reasons and goals have a long-term effect on your health.


Be Realistic

Even though losing weight requires a change of lifestyle, you don’t have to do something impossible or uncomfortable. For instance, you cannot start eating foods that you didn’t or may affect you just because you read somewhere they will help you lose weight.

Also, it would help to know the average weight you should lose in a week. Having unrealistic goals of losing more than required can make you give up sooner than you expect because you are likely not to achieve that.

On the contrary, people who set realistic goals and met them are likely to go on with the process to the end. This is because their goals are not as hard to meet hence giving them the feeling of accomplishment.

Remember, even losing a little weight of 5-10% of your total body weight can significantly impact your health. This minor weight loss can;

  • Reduce the risk of heart failure
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Prevent joint pain
  • Boost blood sugar control

Setting realistic goals will boost feelings of accomplishment and prevent stress and burnout.


Pick a Suitable Plan for Your Lifestyle

Today, there are several weight loss plans available, with most of them not living up to their claims. Most people don’t know how to choose an ideal plan, choosing one that worked for a friend or what they saw a celebrity do to lose weight. What you don’t know is that, while it may have worked for others, their lifestyle, needs, and food preference could be different from yours.

Unlike most people think, your weight loss plan doesn’t have to be strict with a particular diet and set of rules to follow. Also, it would help if you did not approach the weight loss journey as a temporary quick fix that limits you to any form of enjoyment; the weight loss journey should be long-term and comfortable to hold on for as long as you desire. What’s more?

Several plans include diets and even exercises combined or diets that do not need exercises to work. The most straightforward weight plan that will not disrupt your lifestyle too much and you can quickly adapt to is one that has easy keto recipes for weight loss. This will work best for your lifestyle and weight loss goals and also provide maximum nourishment.


Celebrate Every Success

There’s nothing easy with losing weight. Therefore, if you see yourself drop even the slightest pounds, you should pat yourself in the back. Celebrate every win, no matter how small it is.

Moreover, it would be best to share your success with your close friends and family, especially those aware of your weight loss project. This will help you remain motivated and want to go on till the end of the set period line.

Celebrating your success not only means getting words of encouragement from yourself and others, but you can also treat yourself. But, remember to treat yourself healthily, not to undo your win. Also, avoid rewarding yourself with expensive things that would cost you so much.

Do you want ideas for celebrating your weight loss success? Try this;

  • Go for swimming
  • Get a spa treatment like manicure, pedicure, and even a massage with friends or alone
  • Watch a movie
  • Buy yourself something nice to wear

Do not wait until you’ve hit the final mark on the weight loss scale, but rather celebrate yourself throughout every step of the way.


Find Support

It will help to tell your partner of your weight loss goals to get the necessary support if you are married. Still, you can share with your close friends and family members about your journey to get encouragement and avoid derailment.

Having someone know of your weight loss journey is crucial because they will motivate and celebrate you and help you stay on track. For instance, your partner will help you avoid meals that can disrupt your plan or even join you in doing some exercises.

Better still, you can find a weight loss partner. It would be best to walk in this journey with a partner who has similar weight loss goals. This way, you will have someone who better understands how you feel every step of the way and encourage each other to stay on course. Furthermore, you can join a weight loss community or social support online to motivate others like you.


Be Positive

Your words and thoughts have power in everything you plan to do. Therefore, it would be best to think and talk positively about your weight loss plan always. People who set realistic expectations and are confident that they will achieve their goals are more likely to make it through the end.

The best way approach would be to change how you used to talk about hating your weight to how you will make it in losing. When you talk about your weight loss process positively, you are committing your thoughts to the action.

Instead of fantasizing about your dream weight, start thinking of the most likely obstacles to get in the way of achieving your desired results. This way, you will be focusing more on how to overcome them to enjoy a smooth weight loss journey. Fantasizing will only trick your mind into thinking that you have succeeded your ideal body rather than your need to take action.

Although you should talk and think positive, ensure you are realistic in achieving your weight loss goals.


Be Ready For Setbacks and Challenges

It would be best to accept that you will not have a smooth weight loss journey without any challenges and stressors. Besides, every day will have its share of setbacks that will be ready to stray your determination.

For instance, there will always be holidays, parties, and gatherings with friends that will have lots of meals and drinks. The chances are that those meals are what your ideal plan tells you to avoid ensuring you are doing the right thing.

As you plan to start your weight loss journey, plan how you will deal with the setbacks and challenges everywhere, including your workplace. Planning how you will overcome them will help you stay ready when you encounter them along the way.

Because you will not avoid these parties and gatherings, you can bring your alternative meal or eat what is available in small portions. Also, if you are eating out with family, it would be best to know the restaurant’s menu to go for one that serves a healthy option that will suit your meal plan.

When you face setbacks and stress in your weight loss journey, try doing the following;

  • Take a bath
  • Exercise
  • Go out for fresh air
  • Call a friend or ask for help
  • Do square breathing


Forgive Yourself

Yes, you want to lose weight, yes, you have your goals set and ready, and yes, you have a realistic plan; but remember, this journey will not be perfect.

Having a perfectionist mindset will make you lose your way into achieving what you desire in losing weight. This is because there will be situations where you will need to compromise on some things like meals or lack to do the exercise routines as usual. Such things include sickness, parties with no meals to suit your plans, and even eating out.

Instead of beating yourself for mistakes like having an unhealthy snack, forgive and reassure yourself of eating something healthier the next time. Being too restrictive will only make you do more badly than amend the mistakes.

Lastly, remember that weight loss should be a part of your lifestyle and not giving you sleepless nights but relatively comfortable. Even before anything, learn to love and appreciate your body. Self-love will always be the number one motivator to achieving whatever goals you have for your weight loss journey.