In the world today, there are many activities that human beings engage in that could cause severe back pain with time. Such activities might include lifting heavyweights from the ground, bad sitting posture at the office, and most of all, unhealthy sleeping habits.

These are some of the causes of severe back pain, and if not attended to could result in a more complicated situation that might need urgent medical attention. If the necessary steps are not taken advantage of, you might end up having a stroke or a dysfunctional nervous system if the pain continues.


The Concept of Pain Relieve Through Inversion

That said, hanging upside down from your feet might seem to be torture for anybody in such a situation. However, for some people, it is a great way to relieve their back pain. The distraction traction method, which the inversion therapy uses, allows gravity acts on your body weight while it pulls your spinal cord bones apart. It results in better movement between your vertebral column and decreases the pain caused by the nerves where it hurts. Although this method might seem complicated whenever you try to achieve the right position, this is why getting an inversion table that is right for your body size and shape on, becomes the most suitable option for you. What Traction does is to straighten out your spinal cord bones and stretch out the muscles in the spine area to relieve the pain.

Details About Inversion Table And How It Helps Your Back Pain

Generally, inversion tables are tables tilted with long surfaces. It also possesses a hinge in the center designed with an anchor to hold your feet or legs together. As you use the table, you only need to fasten your feet in the device and gradually tilt it into the head position until the table has reached its recommended angle. Aside from the tilting of the table gravity also plays a role in efficiently applying force to the spine. The concept behind this phenomenon is the mechanical energy produced through gravity. It addresses the spinal compression issues, and the inversion table assists by pulling them apart, relieving the pain.


Recommendation of the Inversion Table For Patients

Doctors and therapists use the traction inverted table for patients who suffer severe, chronic, and lingering low back pain. Also, it is recommended and used for patients with chronic neck pain. Apart from these sets of patients, it is recommended and used by patients who suffer nerve pain resulting from the compression of the nerve root. They all benefit from this treatment method. Generally, it is recommended and used for patients with spinal curve issues, patients with hyperlordosis, and scoliosis. Indeed there are many benefits patients tend to benefit from this form of pain treatment. It offers a great deal of decreased pain and improved flexibility of the spine while it helps the joints move through their full range.