Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a significant wave on the media because of its health and wellness benefits. In a country where it is legal, you will find CBD from the little shop around the corner to everywhere in the streets.

Moreover, you will find CBD in coffee shops for your lattes, spas for your facial treatments, and beauty companies in their lotions or hemp oils. And because of the several benefits, many people want to get their hands on CBD products.

However, even with this popularity, most people are still in a dilemma about CBD and how to use it, not to mention if the market products are legit. Therefore, let’s answer the most pressing questions that people have.

But first;


What Is CBD?

This is a natural compound derived from the Cannabis Sativa. Cannabidiol or commonly known as Marijuana, does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Even though it comes from Marijuana, CBD does not cause intoxication or the ‘high’ effect, which is an effect of THC.

The standard CBD formulation is oil, but you can also find it being sold as an extract, an oil-based capsule, and a vaporized liquid. You can now get CBD products that fit your lifestyle being infused in food, drinks, and beauty products online.


Does CBD Make You High?

As stated above, CBD does not cause any form of intoxication or high effect to anybody. Let’s get deeper on this issue to clear the air and worries from people once and for all.

The Cannabis plant has two main components; CBD and THC. CBD does not create any euphoric feeling because it is the portion of the plant that is non-psychoactive. This also means that taking CBD will not make you feel altered or sedated in any way.

However, in every case, there must be exceptions. First, some people, about 5%, will react to CBD for unknown reasons. Because you do not know how you will respond when taking CBD supplements for the first time, experts advise you do so with caution and under supervision.

Secondly, it would be best to buy a third-party tested CBD product for quality assurance. While buying CBD, you are likely to buy a product that is not advertised or even contains THC because the FDA does not regulate it.


How Is Hemp Involved In CBD?

When you hear about CBD, you must have come across terms like hemp, Marijuana, and cannabis. This is what you should know. Cannabis Sativa comes in two main species, which are hemp and Marijuana. Both species contain CBD; however, it is more in hemp. The hemp also has deficient levels of about 0.3% of THC, which causes intoxication compared to Marijuana.

Conversely, hemp oil is an extract of the seeds of the hemp plant. This means that there are no traces of CBD or THC in hemp oil. Hemp oil also has several.


How Should You Take CBD?

How you consume CBD depends on why you want to take it in the first place. According to several studies, CBD treats things like pain, anxiety, and even cancer treatment. Therefore, in many of its benefits, the mode of use differs.

Even in that, there’s a personal preference. Some people find it hard to ingest anything hence prefer ointments, creams, and even sprays for pain and still get sound effects.

However, the main difference in various modes of consumption like edibles, vape pens, and tinctures is the speed of reaction and how long the effect lasts. Because vaping involves smoking through a healthy substitute to smoking, it is faster to react but wears off quickly and like 2 hours maximum. This would be best in treating temporary pain that was not there before and relieves in 10 minutes.

Edibles and tinctures take along to react, but the effect lasts 4-5 hours treating your issue. A tincture is usually some CBD in liquid form that you put few drops under your tongue to give you relief within an hour. But if you would instead taste something, an edible is the best option in the form of a gummy, capsule, or baked product.

Read on.


Is CBD Legal?

To clarify this, let’s go down some memory lane.

Initially, industrial hemp was legal in the United States till 1937, when congress approved the Marijuana Tax Act. Besides, many of the previous leaders grew hemp. Much later, in 2014, a Farm Bill made a new position saying that the state can regulate hemp production, resulting in CBD. Still last year, former President Trump signed a new Farm bill that federally legalized growing hemp.

This was a significant relief for hemp farmers as it gave all of them the freedom to continue growing and producing hemp products such as CBD. Furthermore, the new Bill eliminated hemp from the Drug Enforcement Administration, which meant that hemp could grow freely under federal law. However, even with this freedom of growth under federal law, each state’s task is to make its policies and regulations.

Because these policies vary widely, you will find Marijuana and CBD fully legal for medicinal and recreational use in some states, and others only approve medicinal purposes. Also, other states only allow CBD oil, while some have banned the use of hemp, whether for medicinal or leisure.

The legalization of CBD can be somewhat ironic at some point. This means that you will find the government banning Marijuana, but some states approve of its consumption. Conversely, the government supports hemp, but some states ban it. All these can confuse the consumer on what is beneficial and what is harmful to their health.


Should You Travel With CBD?

The 2018 Farm Bill permits people to travel with CBD between states that have legalized CBD products. But if you are traveling with tinctures, it would be best to abide by the TSA limits, which state the maximum amount of liquid you can have on the airplane.

But if your primary purpose is to transport CBD products, you should consider mailing them instead. This is an effortless option where businesses that abide by Bill’s requirements can ship them anywhere in America.

Like any good you are trying to take across your borders, it would be best to do thorough research on what is required to avoid the law’s problems. Besides, where Hemp, CBD, or Marijuana is illegal, their possession can land you a long-term jail life.


Is CBD Traceable In A Drug Test?

According to the experts, CBD is impossible to show in a drug test as long as you use third-party products. These are cleared of any trace of THC and rendered safe for consumption without any side effects. If your test shows CBD in the blood, you probably have been using unapproved products.

Still, athletes usually take thorough and sensitive drug tests; hence if they use CBD products with THC traces, the test will be positive. While it is a case of being unaware of what products are safe from THC and which are not due to lack of regulation, one should do due diligence and use the third-party tested products.


Is It Safe to Use CBD on Pets?

If you have a dog friend, it would be best to give them CBD biscuits or oils. Because we expect CBD products to be entirely safe, your pet could also enjoy the benefits. Besides, pets tend to be anxious and restless; hence CBD would be the best treatment.

However, the only problem with CBD products, even on pets, is the lack of enough research. We could all avoid any issues related to CBD products if we researched the approved ones or those brands with great testimonials. So, do not risk harming your furry friend with any CBD products as a treatment for anything if you are not sure about their production.

Moreover, it would be best if you had a guide of buying the right CBD products to avoid a lot of inconveniences and risks of using poor quality.

The bottom line is that many manufacturers are claiming that CBD is beneficial for many things, including cancer. While some benefits are evident, some may need more research to verify. Besides, there is no need to risk causing more harm to cancer patients by administering a treatment that is not approved yet.

The truth is, there are great CBD products, but it can be a challenger to know what you are getting. This is because of the availability of unregulated CBD products in the market. Subsequently, it would be best to talk with your doctor before taking any CBD products. This way, you are likely to avoid further complications if you suffer from any underlying health problems. Still, the doctor can prescribe a much safer and approved alternative to treat your pain or even CBD in different doses.

As you exercise caution with CBD, remember never to take it in place of your medication. Though some CBD benefits are apparent, it would help to note that not all shines are gold.