With glamour and show business, too many men are not happy with the way they appear. It doesn’t mean that they are ugly; they need better grooming guidance and tips. Men’s grooming is necessarily essential nowadays because when you know you look your best, it gives a level of confidence to everything that you do.

As a man, you may not like to spend hours on your appearance and body car. It would be best if you found the bare essentials routines that work for their grooming. For this, first of all, they need to identify your skin type, your hair type, and your style. One routine does not fit all, so you need to develop a daily routine that is quick, simple, and cost-effective. For a simple and effective method, you do not need a lot of products or hours in the bathroom. Let’s look at some of the areas where you can focus and create your routine.

Facial Skin Care:

You need to choose your skincare products based on your skin type. Wash your face using a face wash in the morning, after the workout and before bed. Before applying facewash, you should use lukewarm water to wash your face, which helps in opening up your skin pores. After rubbing your face with face wash, you should rinse it with cold water, which helps in closing skin pores. Do not use soap as most of them contain chemicals that are harsh for facial skin. Scrub your face with a scrubber once or twice a week to slough away dead skin tissues. You can do it before shave so that you can get a good shave. It is essential to keep skin in its best condition.

After washing your face, apply a face moisturizer for men. It will keep your skin hydrated, protected, and provide anti-aging benefits. In a few weeks, your face will look youthful and energized.

Before going out, you should use sunscreen having SPF15 (SPF stands for sun protection factor) or more. It reduces aging, wrinkles, and risk of skin cancer.

You can also use anti-aging cream before bed. To reduce dark circles, you can also apply an eye cream. The best solution is to go to bed early to eliminate the root cause.


Get into the habit of sitting in the barber’s chair at least once in three weeks. If you’ve noticed that your hair needs a trim, then definitely others have observed it too. That means you get proactive (as opposed to reactive).  If you are using the same hairstyle, then it’s time to change. Your hairstyle says a lot about you. Find a hairstyle that suits your face the best.

Frequent shampooing can make your hair dry and thin and may even cause hair fall. Wash your hair less often, maybe try shampooing one time in two days.

Facial Hair Care:

Shave and Mustache:

If you like to clean or shape your beard, prepare your skin beforehand by using a shave oil or gel that will help the razor to glide smoothly. It will help your pores to expand, reducing redness and irritation. If it feels like a lot of work, then leave your face in the hands of the experts and get a professional shave once a week.

If you like to grow your beard and mustache, then you should trim and give shape to it. It requires special care and products which are now readily available in the market.

Nostril and Ear Hairs:

These are the major turn-off for women. Clean hair that is coming out of your nostrils or ear.

Sort those eyebrows:

Uni-brows do not look attractive. If you have a uni-brow mean, both eyebrows are meeting in the middle; then, you should pluck the hair from the center using an Eyebrow Plucker. It is a few minutes of work.

Body Hair Care:

In general, you should take care of your body hair by trimming them regularly. Unmanaged Back hair is a huge turn-off for a lot of people. Trim your body hair every 2-3 months.

You should remove armpit and pubic hair before you take a bath. You can decide the frequency fortnightly or monthly as per your body needs.

Tooth and mouth care:

Keep your teeth clean because your smile says it all. You may use an electric toothbrush to avoid hard work. To prevent plaque and reduce gum problems, you should develop a habit of brushing your teeth before bed. It would help if you also clean your tongue by using a tongue cleaner. It will also give you a fresh mouth in the morning.

Avoid smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. If you drink, then use mouthwash or chew some mint to avoid bad breath.


Cut your nails:

It would be best if you cut your finger and toenails once a week. You should do it after taking a bath because that softens them and make them easier to trim. A peculiar thing to remember is that you should always use a nail file after clipping the nails.



Put your best feet forward:

Your feed might not show that often but a good foot care routine is essential. After a bath, the skin is the softest, use a pumice stone on any dead skin. You can apply moisturizer after drying it.

Find your signature scent:

Colognes and aftershaves complement your looks. Find one or two classic blends that you like. Do not over apply them, which may result in annoyed passers-by. You can spray one time at the back of your neck because it will leave your scent trail behind.



If you think that it is difficult to remember all of these things and convert them into a habit, then do not worry. There are so many habit creation mobile apps are available which are helpful to define and track these routines. The essence of men’s grooming is that you need to become a man who takes care of himself and looks stylish. These simple tips, like skincare, feed care, decrease your stress. It also supports self-love by giving you some me-time while following daily self-grooming routines. It does not take years to see the result of these tips. In my experience, outcomes will start showing in a few weeks, and people will start noticing and asking you for advice.