HUM Nutrition overview

To cancel your HUM Nutrition subscription, you need to contact their customer service. You can call them at (888) 647-8880. Or, send an email with your request to cancel at [email protected]

Key Takeaways

  • Contact HUM Nutrition’s customer service to cancel your subscription.
  • Two available cancellation methods: Phone (888) 647-8880 or email [email protected]
  • Ensure to include account details in your request.
  • Cancellations can be executed during customer service hours, 7 am to 6 pm PST daily.
  • Review other service guides for financial management assistance.

Understanding HUM Nutrition Subscriptions

HUM Nutrition is quickly becoming a top name in health and wellness. They provide lots of products to make you feel better overall. This review will look at what HUM offers and the perks of their subscription plans.

What is HUM Nutrition?

HUM Nutrition is all about getting dietary supplements and health and wellness products to you online. They focus on science to help with things like digestion, skin, and staying healthy. They really listen to what you need and find products just for you.

Subscription Plans and Benefits

There are many subscription plans at HUM Nutrition. They help with everything from staying fit to looking great. With a subscription, you get custom picks, regular deliveries, and save money. It’s a great way to keep up with being healthy.

But there’s more to HUM subscription benefits. You also get tips from nutrition experts. This helps you use your supplements right. But remember, you gotta be 18 or more and okay with the charges for your plan.

  1. Variety of plans tailored to specific health needs
  2. Cost savings through membership
  3. Access to expert nutritional advice

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Cancel HUM Nutrition

Canceling your HUM Nutrition subscription is easy. You can use email or phone. Make sure to have all your account details ready.

Cancel via Email

To quit HUM Nutrition via email, write to [email protected]. Say you want to cancel. Include your name, email, and account numbers. They need this to help you fast. After sending the email, wait for a reply. HUM Nutrition will confirm your cancellation.

Cancel via Phone

To cancel over the phone, call HUM Nutrition at (888) 647-8880. Call them between 7 am and 6 pm PST every day. Be ready to share your account info. Tell them you wish to stop your HUM membership. A rep will help you cancel and confirm that it’s done.

Choose either email or phone to cancel your HUM subscription. Having your account details ready is key. HUM Nutrition’s customer service is there to assist. They will help with any issues in canceling.


What is HUM Nutrition?

HUM Nutrition is a online platform with many health and wellness products. They focus on personalized wellness solutions. They offer these through membership boxes and other services.

What are the benefits of subscribing to HUM Nutrition?

By subscribing, you get access to special dietary supplements. These supplements help with your overall well-being. Members get various incentives and exclusive offers too.

How can I cancel my HUM Nutrition subscription via email?

To cancel by email, send a request to Include your account details to make the process smooth.

How do I cancel my subscription to HUM Nutrition over the phone?

Cancel over the phone by calling HUM Nutrition’s customer service at (888) 647-8880. They are available from 7 am to 6 pm PST. Give your account info and ask to cancel your subscription.

Does cancelling my HUM Nutrition subscription incur any fees?

There are usually no extra fees for cancellation. But check their terms or talk to customer service to be sure.

Are there any specific terms and conditions associated with HUM Nutrition subscriptions?

Subscribers must be 18 or older. Starting a subscription means agreeing to recurring charges. Know that HUM Nutrition’s advice doesn’t replace professional medical advice.

Can I manage my HUM Nutrition account online?

Yes, you can manage your account on their website. You can update your info, change your subscription plan, and look at billing. Visit for more.

How does HUM Nutrition ensure the accuracy of its wellness and dietary supplement recommendations?

HUM Nutrition supports individual well-being. But they suggest talking to healthcare providers for medical advice. They don’t offer medical advice themselves.

What role does financial management play in managing HUM Nutrition subscriptions?

Managing your finances is key with subscriptions. Use apps like Emma for a clear view of charges and financial commitments. This helps in better finance management.

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