Coronavirus, a worldwide threat has migrated from Asia, specifically China, to the rest of the world through human contact. It was, however, declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, and nations are trying to contain the virus. Countries are confined to a tight corner through the immediate effect and danger the virus poses on the human race. There are a lot of precautions announced in the media; ranging from regular washing of hands, usage of masks, and the use of hand sanitizers. Increased level of hygiene has also been associated with how the virus can be prevented from spreading.

Social distancing has been the order of the day while public gathering has been suspended until further notice. Some of these measures have been put in place to help control the spread of the virus. While you as an individual must upscale the level of your hygiene, like washing your hands regularly, most notably, you must go about with your alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands when you have had contact physically with people or been too crowded or public places. Wearing of the mask to cover your nose and mouth is crucial, and always avoid touch your eyes, mouth and nose.

Protecting Yourself Against Covid-19

Aside from the announced method of protecting yourself against the virus, it is also crucial that you boost your immune system so as to avoid any possible infection. At this point, your health status should be at its best to prevent any possible break down either through contact with the virus, or general body weakness. Centrally, individuals with certain health complications like diabetes, heart problems and respiratory tract infections are prone to having difficulties if they contact COVID-19.

More so, the situation becomes more complicated when the individual in question is mostly old and has low immunity. Indeed, your immunity grows weaker when you are aged; this means you are at risk of high complications. However, the good news is that the effect of COVID-19 in persons without any underlying health condition is minimal provided the individual has a robust immune system and does not engage in activities that could deplete the body’s immune system, such as vamping, smoking, poor eating habit and other health deteriorating activities. There are some measures you should take to improve your immune system. It would be best if you started to learn everything about healthy and natural superfoods at to help you boost your immune system and sustain your body to fight COVID-19.

Besides, there are some specific actions you should abide by when you are trying to boost your immune system; following these actions would be of benefit to your general wellbeing. Obviously, improving your diet plans, sleeping regularly, staying hydrated, reducing stress, and exercising regularly, are some other ways you can help your body boost its immune system. Undertaking the following measures would help you build up your immune system.

Improve On Your Diet

You are what you eat; this means you can only have good health if you eat healthily. Food plays a significant role in human health and general health improvement. Eating low carbohydrate food items will help you improve your blood circulation, and reduce the sugar level in your body. Clearly, you should be aware that the blood sugar level in your body can cause a lot of health issues for you if it is above normal. Low carbohydrate foods will help maintain the sugar level in your body and increase your body wellness. More so, focusing on protein-rich food will also keep you in good shape and boost your immune system by repairing worn-out tissues in your body. Consumption of vegetables like mushrooms, red bell pepper, and spinach are viable options for you to build a resistant immune system for your body.

Besides, foods that are rich in omega 3, fatty acids are good for your health. Say you do not have an option than to stay indoors and you are not allowed to do a physical shopping, natural immunity-boosting supplements like turmeric, ginger and other related families are suitable for your immune boosting. Also, it would be best if you did not forget to include herbs in your meals as they are champions in general body immune system boosting. Such herbs include garlic, Black cumin, and Basel leaves.

Some seeds and nuts are also recommended for your immune system because they are natural suppliers of protein and vitamins. These seeds are like life savers when they are consumed. They include Flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, and sunflower seeds. Besides, to rejuvenate your body and increase absorption of these healthy bacteria into your body, consumption of probiotics contents like Yakult, Yoghurt, and fermented foods are suitable for the older generation.

Stay Hydrated

Health practitioners have warned that people regularly consume less water than what is required. Indeed to help your body rejuvenate; you must drink enough water during the day. It is recommended that you drink at least 9 to 11 glasses of water daily, which would help rid your body of any toxins and also improve your hydration. Other alternative drinks that can help you stay hydrated include; healthy juice produced from citrus, and coconut water.

Switching For Immunity Boosting Supplements

While you are observing the above-listed methods to improve your immunity, opting for immunity-boosting food also is a direction you should go. The need for you to enhance your immunity rapidly is crucial because you do not want to be caught in the middle of an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are concerned about the amount of minerals consumption in your body; consult with your doctor for appropriate guidance. Also, supplements like vitamin C, are crucial to the development of your body.  It helps prevent the common cold, which is also associated with the coronavirus. They also help protect your body against oxidative infection.  More so, a supplement like Zinc, vitamin D, Elderberry and Turmeric are nutrients that helps build, maintain and improve your immunity.