Shopping for make for the first time can be overwhelming especially with the different brands, products and applications. All these can seem impossible to learn in one day. However, with a little help, you can successfully shop for the best make up for your skin and personality.

But remember, to quote Kira Carl “Makeup should never be used to hide. You should use it to enhance your natural beauty”.

Let’s find you the best make up for an all-day, everyday look.


Make a list of the things you most need. Also, if you happen to have some pieces of makeup in the house, there’s no need of buying others afresh. For instance, you have four pieces of lipsticks that you never use so buying the 5th one will not make a difference except to your budget.

Avoid impulse buying hence have a budget for only what you need. This way, you will avoid having cluttered of makeup you don’t need or won’t end up using after all.

Skin Tone

Everyone had different shades and tones. Most probably, what blends with your friend’s skin tone is not going to agree with yours. It will help if you know your skin tone before buying makeup. But in case you don’t. You can walk into a beauty store and have them test you with different shades to establish the right one. Here’s a brief guide to different skin tones.

  • For fair skin, you should shop for beige, tawny or soft pink products. Avoid colours such as orange and red.
  • For people with medium fair skin tone, you should shop for products with gold and yellow undertones.
  • People who have medium-dark skin should shop for products with traces of brown like honey and caramel.
  • People with dark skin need to shop for products in metallic tones, such as bronze or copper.

Remember, as you shop for products; make sure you should from legit brands with quality products like After all, the low quality will cause skin issues.

Bring Out Your Best Assets

Another great way to shop for makeup is to highlight your best assets. This way, you will spend less on buying bulk makeup hence using as little as possible for a more natural look. For instance;

  • People with amazing eyes need to spend their money on purchasing eye makeup such as eye shadows and eyeliners.
  • For those with long lashes, you should shop for mascara or eyelash curler.
  • If you have popping cheekbones, buy bronze, illuminator and blush.
  • For people with a full mouth, you should get a couple of shades of lipstick.

The bottom line is to make people proud of what they have.

Conceal Your Weakness

Most times, people want makeup to hide their flaws on the skin. If you feel insecure about some flaws showing on your skin, you need to get makeup that will conceal them entirely. Insecurity brings low self-esteem, and that’s what you need not have at all costs. Such flaws include;

  • Bad under-eye circles need a good concealer.
  • Bad skin with hyperpigmentation will require a good foundation and concealer.
  • Short or light-coloured lashes need you to invest in mascara that adds volume and length. If necessary, you can also get artificial lashes.
  • Thin eyebrows will have you to shop for eyebrow kit which has a comb and gel or pencil.

With hiding your flaws and highlighting your assets, the right makeup will make you fall more in love with yourself. Make sure you shop wisely to save your pocket and skin from aftermath problems.