Urban Decay Eyeliner is a cult favorite. But what should you do if the liner ends up being too soft? This blog post will tell you all about how to sharpen your eyeliner pencil so that it lasts longer.

If you have an Urban Decay Eyeliner that’s just too smudgy for your taste, here are some steps to help bring it back to life. First, take the pencil out of the casing. Next, use a sharpener with a blade designed for makeup pencils. There are also electric sharpeners, but make sure they are specifically designed for makeup pencils.


Why does my eyeliner need sharpening?

One major issue with eyeliner is that it can become too soft. This generally happens if the eyeliner is exposed to heat, sunlight, or humidity. It’s also common for eyeliner to wear down over time.

The solution? Use a sharpener! A good sharpener will help you preserve your liner by giving it a pointy tip. But make sure you purchase a sharpener that’s designed for makeup pencils. You can also use an electric sharpener, but make sure it’s specifically made for makeup pencils.


How do I sharpen my eyeliner?

If your eyeliner pencil has gone soft, don’t panic. It’s perfectly fixable! To sharpen the pencil, you’ll need to remove it from its casing and use a sharpener. You can use an electric sharpener or even the old-fashioned manual sharpener, but make sure that the sharpener is designed for makeup pencils.

After you sharpen the pencil, give it one final touch-up. This will help create a point that will apply more evenly and smoothly to your skin.


What should I do if the pencil breaks in half?

The first, and most important, is to discontinue using it instantly. If the broken end has a pointed edge that you could poke into someone’s skin or eye, then toss it.

If the broken end is not sharp, then carefully remove what remains of it from the pencil. You can do this by gently scraping off the excess with your fingernail or a small screwdriver. This will leave you with either a stubby piece of liner or nothing at all!

Finally, apply an eye primer before using your makeup pencil again. This product will help keep things looking fresh and solid for hours on end!


How often should I sharpen my eyeliner?

It’s important to remember that the lifespan of your eyeliner pencil depends on how often you sharpen it. Generally, pencils will need to be sharpened every 2-4 weeks.

Although this may seem like a short period, it can actually produce long-term benefits for your eyeliner. It will last longer and create a smudge-free look that you’ll love.

Ultimately, sharpening your eyeliner every 2-4 weeks is easy enough to do! But if you’ve been neglecting it, don’t worry! You can also sharpen your makeup pencil with mineral oil or baby oil.


How can I make sure my eyeliner stays pointy without sharpening it all the time?

An eyeliner pencil can last a long time if you keep it sharpened. If you’re constantly sharpening your liner, try these steps to help it stay pointy.

First, take the pencil out of the casing. Next, use a sharpener with a blade that’s designed for makeup pencils. There are also electric sharpeners, but make sure they are specifically designed for makeup pencils. Finally, give the point one last touch-up before applying it to your eyes!

For those who would prefer not to sharpen their eyeliner or don’t have access to a sharpener that is made for makeup pencils, there is another option. You can heat up the end of your pencil by using a lighter and then apply pressure until the tip is as pointy as you desire! This will create friction on the lead and wear away some of its softness and smudge-ability. Keep in mind: this will not fix an old and broken eyeliner point; it’ll just make yours more pointed than before.

You should sharpen your eyeliner pencil occasionally to keep it pointy. A sharpened pencil will glide more easily across the skin for a more precise application.

It’s also important to take care of your pencil by storing it in a cool, dry place with the pointy end up. This will help to ensure that your pencil doesn’t break in half while you’re applying it and that your pencil doesn’t dry out and start crumbling.

Save your sharpener for when you need it—don’t sharpen your eyeliner every day. If you do need to sharpen your eyeliner, use a sharpener specifically designed for eyeliner pencils to keep it pointy and last longer.