The invention of ultrasound is undoubtedly a significant breakthrough in the field of medical science. Thus in the area of cosmetic surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lift it has made notable contributions. The journey of ultrasound started back in 1794 when an Italian physiologist and Professor Lazzaro Spallanzani experimented with bats.

With the experiment, he came to realize that bats can navigate with sounds without any vision. In the later period, named ‘echolocation.” In this technology, sound waves are sent off, and the location is determined based on the obstacles from where the waves reflected. But in medical science, the journey of ultrasound began in 1942 with the renowned neurologist Karl Dusk. He was the first person to implement ultrasound as a tool in diagnosis.

He used this transmission method to detect tumors in the brain to one of his patients. By then, we had come across a long way, and our world has made many advancements in medical science. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is one such branch of medical science that deals with the study of various body and face augmentation processes. It deals with multiple procedures that reconstruct, restores, and alters different parts of our body to make them look natural and perfect. Gluteal fat grafting or commonly called Brazilian Butt Lifting is one such effective body contouring method used to sculpt one’s irregular buttock into a proper and round one.

What Is Ultrasound Technology?

Ultrasound is a technique similar to that of echolocation used by many animals like bats, whales, etc. or SONAR techniques used in submarines where high-frequency sound waves are sent in between the tissues. It is a digital imaging method used in medical science where digital images of organs inside the body are seen on the screen with the help of sound waves and echoes. In ultrasound imaging, sound waves of frequency 1-5 MHz are sent inside the body. The frequency rates of these ranges are non-audible to humans and thus cannot be heard by us. These waves travel inside our body until they reach the boundary, i.e., tissues, bones, organs. When they get reflected, the reflected ones are picked up by the probe attached to the monitor and display the image by calculating the distance of the tissue or organ from the examination.

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Contrary to its contemporaries like silicone implant and dermal fillers, Brazilian Butt Lift is gaining skyrocketing popularity due to its functional benefits and much lower risk factors. Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery technique that includes the liposuction method to take out excess fat from different areas of the body and then strategically inject them into the buttocks to sculpt the butt into a curvy and nice one without any implantation. While silicone implantation or dermal filling has more risk factors associated with them, on the other hand, BBL surgery involves the application of our body fats as shown on bbl before and after at

Contribution of Ultrasound in BBL Surgery

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery or gluteal fat grafting is very rapidly gaining its popularity among the masses. People are opting this out nowadays over the traditional implantation techniques like silicone implant or dermal filling. Our medical sciences are making everyday progress, and each invention is opening the door for new chances and possibilities. Likewise, though BBL itself is an original method of body contouring and sculpting with passing years, this field is making progress too. Nowadays, many BBL surgeons are using ultrasound technology to monitor the cannula level, which will help them to inject the fat in a safer place. Thus, this has made the work of the doctors much more comfortable.

Why do surgeons prefer ultrasound assisted surgery?

The best BBL doctor will prefer an ultrasound-assisted surgery as it will enable him/her to follow a visual technique over a blind one. They could see the images of the tissue layers, which help them to make decisions quickly. The tissue layer is identified by placing a wireless probe on the patient’s butt. They may rub it against the skin. This probe sends high-frequency waves inside the body.

On the other hand, while doing this, the doctor also inserts a duct inside the examined area. The projected images help the doctor to understand the areas where the pipe introduced after the fat injection has started. Ultrasound machines enable the surgeons to avoid the ruptures of deep buttock vessels, thus lessening the complications of the surgery. The use of ultrasound has undoubtedly reduced the risk of BBL surgeries and has turned a blind technique into a visual one. Today a maximum number of expert plastic surgeons like to play on a safer side while performing gluteal fat grafting surgeries by using real-time ultrasound machines to minimize their patients’ risk.

More accurate process thanks to ultrasound techniques

Continuous research and development of ultrasound have made it possible to consider intraoperative ultrasound an interactive device, which has made this fat grafting process more accurate. It allows the surgeon to refrain from an intracutaneous injection and more efficiently understand the separation between two subcutaneous gluteal spaces. Also, it permits the doctors to correct the superficial irregularities through creating projections and regulating the fat grafting volume by aiming either the external or the deep gluteal muscles. A surgeon is also free to record the whole fat grafting procedure with the ultrasound machine to record the fact that he/she has succeeded in keeping the patient away from any injuries on the deep super fascia layer.

What Experts Say

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons confirmed in one of their reports that more than 20000 people have undergone BBL surgery in the United States. Many of the plastic surgeons think this procedure is a great one for the right patient. It is essential to consult with a board-certified surgeon and explore all the possibilities before opting for surgery. An eminent plastic surgeon, when asked about the complications, quoted that fat is the safest thing to be experimented with as it is entirely our part of the body. Not implementing a foreign particle in our collection, BBL is about transferring our fat to another part of the body. Permanent fillers, like silicone, are harmful and should be avoided as they lead to certain infections, scarring, and cysts.” Moreover, the Plastic Surgery Group in London recorded in a study that there has been a 500% increase in consultations for BBL.