The countdown to Christmas is officially underway. Beauty advent calendars are selling out, binge-worthy schedule of Christmas films and music are being prepared to enjoy. Lush has just added to the celebrations by bringing back its iconic Snow Fairy scent – and the collection includes some new products.

We adore Christmas traditions, particularly when it comes to our favorite beauty products. Every year we see the arrival of smells, for instance, cinnamon, peppermint, and obviously, Lush’s signature Snow Fairy. These products from Lush’s exclusively festive range prove the most popular each year. The bestselling range has been given an eco-friendly makeover, just in time for Christmas.

“Snow Fairy” the scent

Snow Fairy is a sweet scent with notes of bubblegum and candy floss combined with Persian lime oil for a truly indulgent bath time experience. The Lush Snow Fairy collection has been a hit ever since it first strikes the shelves, combining fair trade natural cocoa, mango, and avocado butter amongst other sustainably sourced and natural ingredients to produce a sugary-sweet, extremely pink offering that smells of candy floss and fruit. An annual occurrence, the re-launch of Snow Fairy welcomes back the range’s recognizable bubblegum-colored products and candy floss-scented mixtures. 

The whole family

Available in the range is a shower gel, body spray, toothpaste, bath bombs, bath oil, body conditioner, dusting powder, soap, and gift wraps. Most of the products in the collection have implemented Lush’s naked notion, without using any plastic wrapping, excluding its toothpaste, body spray, dusting powder, and body conditioner. Customers can shop the collection from £2.95 via and in Lush stores.

All products come in the signature gleaming pink, with a similar well-loved sweet scent, and will make your skin feeling hydrated and supple. Welcoming back their Snow Fairy collection Lush says:


“The Snow Fairy welcomes you to her bon-bon sweet kingdom, with cleansing candy floss clouds, a bubble gum breeze, and luxurious luster-filled lathers to put you at ease. Summon it in the shower, morning, noon, or night, and be filled with comfort, joy, and delight.”


You can buy the bestselling scent in a range of forms, including a new body spray, an Amazeball, and even a naked shower gel for a restricted time only. The first Christmas product back on our shelves is their Snow Fairy Shower Gel. It’s available in 100g, 250g, 500g, or a huge 1kg, so there’s a size to go well with everyone.

Plastic free options

The ‘naked’ adaptation of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel is suitable if you’re obsessive about going plastic-free. It’s the same great scent minus all the packaging. This is only available in one standard size at present. Another naked product is their body conditioner, which contains fair trade cocoa, avocado, and mango butter. The result? Soft and smooth skin! Much-loved multi-use product Fun has its own Snow Fairy variety, and it can be used as a soap, shampoo, or held under the tap to produce bubbles. Why purchase numerous products when you can have it all with one?

Fun with a different toothpaste format

For an amusing substitute to regular toothpaste, why not try some of Lush’s toothpaste jelly? It both smells and tastes sweet (if you’re fed up of mint), and contains xylitol and stevia to suppress bacteria growth.

Two in one bathbomb

The Amazeball product is mainly a two in one bath bomb. Either add the dust into your bathwater or place the whole thing in there. Or, stick to the usual bath bomb, which will turn your bath waters pink and smells stunningly sweet. The dreamy Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb mixes honey, bergamot oil, and moisturizing Fair Trade natural cocoa butter to leave skin soft smooth and smelling as delicious as a Christmas dessert. Once it bubbles, it leaves your bath looking like the Milkyway, what more could you want? 

Soap version available 

Snow Fairy is even obtainable in soap form now, with this very festive looking hand and body soap. It smells divine as well as makes your skin feeling great, too, so it’s a definite win-win. It’s available as a makeup product as well, in the variety of a bold pink highlighter. So if you think rocking a blinding look this Christmas season, why not choose one up? It’s sparkly too!

Even more on the family

Get into the full celebratory spirit with Lush’s miniature igloo bath oil that melts into your bath to make a peppermint soak. Perfect for when the skin is particularly parched, the mix of oils locks in much-needed moisture. It nearly feels like you’ve bathed in delicious melted butter!

As per Lush’s declaration of their naked shower collection: 


“Once Upon A Time Naked Body Lotion cuts down on packaging consumption and smells like fresh grapefruit and lime to cheer up those dark mornings.”


How does a naked body lotion work you might ask, as easy as it seems, pat onto limbs for soft skin? It works like a wonder! Think warm winter evening but in scented powder form. Apply Sleepy Dust Dusting Powder as soon as you’ve jumped out of the shower from head to toe, and the dust will melt into skin to leave a smooth finish. Otherwise, use it straight before bed to get the full lavender effects, it’s a good night’s sleep guaranteed. 

For the Lush Snow Fairy admirers in your life, the charming smelling cosmetics store also has two amazing Snow Fairy gift sets this year. Little Snow Fairy includes a ‘super sweet duo of pink delights.’ You will get the Lush Snow Fairy jelly bath bomb and the classic Snow Fairy shower gel for £11.50, all wrapped up in pretty pink covering. 

There is also the beautiful Snow Fairy gift set for those you know who really likes Snow Fairy. Described as ‘the Snow Fairy’s finest, candy-sweet creations, all in one bedazzling bundle’, unpack the giant silver bow to find out the shower gel, body conditioner, and Snow Fairy jelly bath bomb, complete with a pink gleaming magic wand. Grab yours from your local Lush store for £24.95 or order it online from the Lush website.