It’s that time of year again where our skin is kissed by the sun, creating a beautiful bronzy glow. To match that glow, ‘no-makeup makeup’ and beach waves create a timeless summer look that can be dressed up or worn casually. Unfortunately, some of us only dream of the beach, living in a land-locked area with no water and white sands in sight. But your location doesn’t mean you have to miss out on summer’s hottest trends, and we’re here to tell you how.

Getting those beautiful beach waves is easy and effortless, and we’re here to show you a few ways how. From getting your hair prepped to the methods and products you can use, we have lined that up below. Start enjoying the same perks of living near the beach, even if the sun never comes out to play. 

Before you Start 

Before beginning, let’s talk a bit about prep. While many people love starting with freshly washed hair, it’s not always the best for styling purposes. Hair always styles better when it’s had time to collect more of its natural oils back, making it easier to mold and tousle. If you’re starting with hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days, just plop on some product, like mousse, and start scrunching your hair. This will get it ready for any of our following three ways to get beachy waves.

If you can’t do a few days without washing your mane, make sure to prep hair with product and let it dry before applying a bit more. This will add some texture back into your hair, something that is necessary when creating the perfect waves. You will see a huge upgrade to your waves when you take the time out to prep your hair, making it easier for you to repeat time after time. After you have your prep done and ready to go, you can follow with any of these four methods to create a set of perfectly beachy locks.

It’s Okay to Be Salty, Sometimes!

You’ve probably heard of the famous salt sprays that leave hair textured with the ultimate beach wavy look. This is an easy way to get the look and can be applied to both dry and wet hair. The trick is to scrunch and scrunch more as your hair makes its way from wet to dry. There are many products out there on the market. One of our favorites is Surf Fusion from Bumble and Bumble. If you’re a DIY beauty fanatic, salt spray just takes a few teaspoons of sea salt and a cup and a half of warm water mixed in a spray bottle. For added moisture, add a bit of coconut oil and make it speak to your senses by adding your favorite essential oils.

Go to Bed

We know this is probably music to your ears! Who doesn’t like a few extra minutes of sleep? Plus, you’ll be waking up to sexy wavy locks. For this to work, part your hair into sections (2 – 4 depending on thickness) and do the twist. Twist until you have one long swirl from root to tip, then wrap it around in a bun. Secure it with a scrunchy for soft snoozing and just hit the sack. If you’re going to be with freshly washed hair, put some more oomph in your wave by adding a bit of mousse or gel beforehand. When the alarm sounds in the morning, don’t be ashamed to hit snooze. To get this look going, you just have to unwrap and shake it out a bit, and you’re ready to go.

Flick your Wrist

Owing a straightener comes with a lot of power. While you can create super straight styles, you can get creative and create other looks by knowing how to twist and turn. When it comes to creating waves, you can use your straighter to create waves by taking 2-inch sections and making an S shape. Then, you just have to clamp the straightener over it a few times and let your hair loose. Once you’re done with all parts, run your fingers through to create a smooth appearance with random waves that look like you just got back from vacation.

Start the Wave

Because of the popularity and timelessness of this look, some tools have been developed that make these waves effortless. These tools are designed to replicate the look of real beach waves, creating flowy glossy strands that will make all eyes fall on you. All you will need is a hair waver and a bit of your favorite product for hold and added gloss. The best thing is to take 3-inch sections at a time, clamping down, holding for 5-seconds, and releasing. Do this down the entire strand leaving a bit of space in between each clamp.  Once you’re done with all your strands, run your fingers through a few times to loosen the waves and make them more natural. Then, finish with a spritz and voila! Your look is complete.

Summer Forever

While summer only comes around once a year, your look doesn’t have to kiss it goodbye. Nowadays, you can get the same beachy appearance thanks to products that give skin that healthy bronzy glow and create air-dried beach waves. Even when leaves are turning gold and the wind starts to cool, you can keep your style smoking hot with the help of beachy waves. These work year around with all kinds of trends plus are effortless to create.

To start unleashing that bronze beach goddess you know is trapped inside, you don’t have to live near a beach. You also don’t have to wait until you can go on vacation to create the look, getting the same beachy feel right from the comfort of your home. Try out any of our four tips above and fall in love with one of the most timeless and classic beachy looks of all time.