Luxury Cosmetics Line by Patrick Ta Beauty

Patrick Ta Beauty became well-known after it started in 2019. It is mainly owned by Patrick Ta. Kimberly Villatoro and Avo Minasyan help lead the business. The company has good support from Stride Consumer Partners too. With their help, Patrick Ta Beauty is getting bigger in the cosmetics world.

In March 2023, Kimberly Villatoro became the brand’s CEO. She knows a lot about beauty and what customers like. The founder, Patrick Ta, is very happy with this change. He thinks it fits well with their plans to grow. Avo Minasyan, who was CEO before, is now the Chairman. This means he’s giving advice from a different but still important role. Stride Consumer Partners also recently gave the company some money. They want to help Paul Parikh do a great job as the COO since November 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • Patrick Ta remains the primary owner of Patrick Ta Beauty, enhancing the brand’s authenticity and vision.
  • Kimberly Villatoro, experienced in beauty and consumer products, is steering the company as the new CEO.
  • Avo Minasyan’s role transition to Chairman of the Board symbolizes a strategic shift in leadership focus.
  • The minority investment from Stride Consumer Partners signifies confidence in the brand’s growth potential.
  • Paul Parikh’s inclusion as COO brings valuable industry experience, aiming to strengthen the brand’s operational capabilities.
  • Poised for growth, Patrick Ta Beauty is making significant strides in the competitive makeup industry.

The Genesis of Patrick Ta Beauty: Founders and Vision

In 2019, Patrick Ta teamed up with Rima and Avo Minasyan to start Patrick Ta Beauty. Patrick is known for his makeup skills. Rima is a product pro, and Avo is a savvy business mind. Together, they launched a luxury cosmetics brand. They wanted to change how we see beauty.

The Birth of a Luxury Cosmetics Line

Patrick Ta Beauty began with a goal in mind. They wanted to meet every beauty need with luxury cosmetics. Patrick Ta knew a lot about beauty. Rima added her product smarts. They mix top-notch ingredients with cool designs. It makes for incredible beauty products. Patrick Ta Beauty offers everything you need to show off your style with confidence.

Empowerment and Confidence: The Brand’s Inspiration

This brand is all about the amazing women in Patrick Ta’s world. They inspired him to make a difference in beauty. Patrick Ta Beauty isn’t just about looks. It’s about feeling strong and showing who you are without fear.

Innovations in Beauty: Influence and Products

When Patrick Ta Beauty started, it brought new and awesome ideas to beauty. Their creme and powder duos are big hits. These products are smart and luxurious. They make your natural beauty shine. Patrick Ta Beauty is always pushing the beauty world forward. They lead the way in new trends and quality.

Who Owns Patrick Ta Beauty

Patrick Ta Beauty belongs to a mix of leaders and investors. They have grown the brand a lot. Kimberly Villatoro leads as CEO. She knows a lot about beauty and fashion. She started leading in March 2023.

Avo Minasyan changed from CEO to Chairman of the Board. He’s key in shaping what’s next for the brand. His skills keep the brand strong. Paul Parikh is also important. He became the Chief Operating Officer in November 2022. He comes from L’Oreal. His work helps improve how the brand runs and its new ideas.

In October 2022, Stride Consumer Partners gave the brand a big financial push. This helped Patrick Ta Beauty reach more people and be even more creative. The investors believe in the brand’s success in the beauty world.

The Patrick Ta team includes Patrick Ta himself, Kimberly Villatoro, Avo Minasyan, and Paul Parikh. They work together to create and make smart business moves. This helps Patrick Ta Beauty look towards a successful future.

Key Figure Role Contribution Previous Experience
Kimberly Villatoro CEO Strategic leadership and vision Extensive background in beauty and consumer products
Avo Minasyan Chairman of the Board Guidance and visionary leadership Former CEO of Patrick Ta Beauty
Paul Parikh COO Operational oversight and innovation Previous role at L’Oreal

Patrick Ta Beauty Ownership

Growth and Leadership: The New Faces Behind the Brand

The growth of Patrick Ta Beauty is moving fast, thanks to high Earned Media Value (EMV) and a strong leadership team. With Kimberly Villatoro as CEO, the brand has a clear vision for growth. Kimberly brings strong leadership to push the brand forward.

Avo Minasyan now serves as Chairman of the Board, bringing important guidance. This move shows the brand values wisdom for better growth. Paul Parikh joins as Chief Operating Officer, adding new ideas and strategies.

We are teaming up with top shops like Sephora, Cult Beauty, and Sephora at Kohl’s for bigger reach. Plus, with new investments, we plan to grow our work every year. Our progress not only shows how strong leadership can make a difference but also sets standards for beauty industry growth.


Who owns Patrick Ta Beauty?

Patrick Ta Beauty is now owned by a team headed by CEO Kimberly Villatoro.

Who are the founders of Patrick Ta Beauty?

Founded by makeup star Patrick Ta, the brand also has Rima Minasyan and Avo Minasyan. They are experts in product and business.

What is the vision behind Patrick Ta Beauty?

Patrick Ta Beauty aims to boost confidence and bring out beauty in everyone. It’s inspired by strong women. They encouraged Patrick Ta’s creativity and success.

What is unique about the luxury cosmetics line offered by Patrick Ta Beauty?

Their luxury makeup uses Patrick Ta’s skills and Rima Minasyan’s product knowledge. This creates amazing products for any makeup look.

How has Patrick Ta Beauty contributed to innovations in the beauty industry?

They invented popular products like creme and powder duos. These have become loved by makeup fans. Their vision focuses on confidence and new ideas, making them leaders in beauty.

Who are the new faces behind Patrick Ta Beauty?

Leading now are CEO Kimberly Villatoro, Chairman Avo Minasyan, and COO Paul Parikh.

What role does Kimberly Villatoro play in the ownership of Patrick Ta Beauty?

She is the CEO and brings a wealth of experience in beauty and fashion. Kimberly helps the brand grow.

How has Patrick Ta Beauty grown and expanded?

Thanks to a great team and smart investments, the brand is moving forward. It got a boost from Stride Consumer Partners, plus new places to shop like Sephora and Kohl’s.

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