These days everything natural is trendy. Going back to the goodies that nature has to offer has long been practiced, with natural remedies from centuries ago that could cure all ailments. The more research and focus that scientists are putting into chemical composition, the easier it is to understand the reasons why so many of these elements are essential and healing for the body.

One of these powerhouse substances is the coconut, for its hydrating water, nourishing flesh, and power-packed proteins that work wonders for the body and brain. Research has shown that incorporating coconut into the diet can lead to a reduction in pesky fats, especially those dangerous ones that accumulate around the belly.

How it Works

The bright white meat that is inside the coconut is where the fats are hiding. These are pressed out into coconut oil which is composed of medium-chain triglycerides. This is a saturated fat however; it acts differently from others, even processing in the body differently. Unlike other fats, it is used by the body for immediate energy. This takes the place of glucose, swapping out its metabolism for the oil as a preferred source of energy. The path taken by this type of ‘healthy’ fat sends it directly to the liver, where it bypasses the lymphatic system. This type of switch in the body’s digestions, no matter how small it may seem, works wonders. How exactly? Well, the rapid digestions and quick passage between organs causes the overall body temperature to heat up, activating a powerful fat burning cycle. This is how the fat specifically combats stored fat, especially the accumulated deposits around the stomach that can lead to several chronic diseases.


Obviously, this power-packed fruit comes with several benefits. Most of them can aid in creating a more healthy body from the inside out. When it comes to stubborn fat, there are three main ways that coconut oil comes to the rescue.


Studies have shown that the ingestion of coconut oil over a prolonged period has a direct effect on the body’s metabolism. This was done in comparison to long-chained fatty acids like those found in avocado and olive oils. It was shown that there was an increased number of calories burned when consuming coconut oil in comparison to the other oils. This has to do with the body’s decision to take up the MCT’s of coconut oil rather than glucose. The MCT’s kickstart the body’s metabolism and has been shown to keep it actively engaged for 24 hours.

Stay Full

This may not make sense in the beginning, as we are trained to think that saturated fats are a no-no. But researchers have found that the ingestion of more MCT saturated fats lead to a ‘full’ feeling faster that lasts longer. A study published by Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine showed that consumption of the oil not only boosted metabolism but also raised the amount of HDL (good cholesterol). Both practices work together to burn calories and decrease belly fat, keeping those that choose to add it to their diets satisfied longer, avoiding unwanted food cravings in between meals.

Stay Fit

Belly fat is not just something to get rid of for aesthetic purposes. It is a very dangerous type of accumulated fat due to poor nutritional choices and lack of exercise. This can have serious consequences on important organs like the heart and liver. During one trial, participants were given different types of oils in the same amount for 28 days and tested for weight loss. It was shown that both groups indeed lost weight but the coconut oil group lost weight in the particularly pesky area around the abdomen, the dangerous one.

How Much Should I Eat?

So, here is where things could get a bit complicated. This is because going back to the very core of what coconut oil is, a saturated fat, comes with a bad rep. This is the reason why there is much controversy surrounding the MCT fats. Still, with the proper amount, these fats could be good for you and provide you with all the energy needed to power through your busy days. Thinking about it just like any other substance, coconut oil should also be consumed in moderation. While you should always consult your doctor, on average, the recommended dosage is two tablespoons per day. This may be impossible for those that find the taste hard to stomach however, several alternatives are available just be sure to check that it is quality oil.

To consume the oil, you can scoop it up into a spoon and enjoy or get creative with it and mix it into any daily dish. Try to incorporate it into your cooking or maybe smoothies for a good masking effect if the coconut taste or smell is not for you. You should notice increased energy and easier digestion within the first few days.

Final Thoughts 

Just like with all things, coconut oils should be consumed in moderation. It is always advisable to consult a medical professional, especially if there may be any underlying conditions that could be affected by increased fatty acids. To reap the full benefits of the powerful natural fat killer, it is highly recommended to take that added burst of energy and use it to start exercising or increase activity. Both of these together can create a healthier life and help to prevent diseases in the future. 

This oil, exercise, and a healthy diet are proving to be similar to the fountain of youth, giving those that practice a healthy boost of power. Turning to nature to create a healthier lifestyle is all the buzz for its versatile uses and amazing effects. Coconut oil is at the front of this trend, as its use spreads across several areas, from hair, skin, nails, digestion, metabolism, and more. You can make a difference in your life, starting with a multiuse oil.