Your overall health and wellness can be easily determined by your environment and what you ingest into your body daily. Whether you are consuming healthy food products or not, your health condition will generally start to materialize. However, healthy practices can easily contribute to your lifestyle and help you live longer.

Of course, there are some habits that you need to quit as far as you can if you want to continue a living and healthy lifestyle and avoid daily medical attention. Examples of routines you need to stop are excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, high sugar intake, and many other practices that can impair your health.


The Complication Of Quitting Smoking

About 70 percent of all smokers would say they would love to quit, but only 30 to 20 percent can stand their ground about quitting. Smoking is a strong habit that is very addictive, that is why it is pretty complex, discomforting, and tasking to quit. However, quitting smoking is one of the best achievements you can have and one of the best things that can help prolong your life, keep you in shape, and keep you healthy. About 30 percent of heart-related death is caused by smoking and inhaling second-hand smoking.

Meanwhile, one of the known methods of quitting smoking is to transition into e-cigarettes, vaping, and other non-disposable vaping devices. Although these methods have proven effective for some people, others have not found a long-lasting solution yet. Indeed, the best way to quit smoking is to avoid any tobacco-related product; even e-cigarettes with tobacco products are considered safe.

However, with the help of a guide, you can successfully make use of vaping and finally shut down your smoking habit. Here are some facts you need to familiarize yourself with regarding vaping.


Vaping Is A Better Alternative To Smoking

Cigarettes are raw nicotine extracted from tobacco plants processed and heated through the tube by natural lighting. The smoke from the cigarette often travels through various parts of your body, including the lungs, the brain, and your nostrils.

A typical E-cigarettes contains a simple amount of nicotine mixed with other flavorings of your choice and heated through batteries. However, a tobacco cigarette is known to include more than 7000 chemicals which more than 75 percent of those chemicals are toxic and can damage your inner body organs.

The components of e-cigarettes are very limited to a specific number based on your choice and are no doubt less toxic than regular cigarettes. The fantastic thing is that you can easily purchase your choice of vape for, which is quite affordable and reliable.


The outbreak of lung injuries and deaths, which is said to be associated with vaping by the CDC, confirmed that most of the affected individuals had used vapes or e-cigarettes that have been modified on the black market. It is an indication that the content of such devices can’t be ascertained which is very detrimental to the body. The modification of e-liquids in vapes to products and chemicals containing THC has rocked a lot of damages. It is, however, best that you ensure your vape is purchased from a reliable and trusted retailer.


The Discovery Of Cdc

Through the thorough research carried out by the CDC on the modified vape, it was discovered that Vitamin E acetate is a chemical that raises a considerable concern in people who live with EVALI; Vitamin E is said to be an agent that is contained in the modified vape laced with THC products. More so, EVALI patients are prone to the damages caused by this thickening agent because the lung fluid sample examined by the CDC officials confirmed it. Here are some recommendations CDC made for people who live with EVALI and hope to benefit from the use of vaping;

  • They are advised not to use THC liquid in their vape or electronic cigarette.
  • More so, it is in their interest to avoid using informal vaping sources, either from friends and family, recognized online sources, black market sellers, and other modified products.
  • They shouldn’t modify any of the content in their vaping devices, which the primary manufacturer has not recommended.

With the research and collaboration between John Hopkins and the CDC, they have published and revealed in 2021 that there are some other active chemical ingredients in vaping products which haven’t been identified yet. It is an indication that you should know whatever liquid goes into your vaping device properly to ensure you are safe.


Electronic Cigarettes Are Addictive As Well

Any habit you have formed in the past can be very addictive, even if it’s simple as drinking water as early as you wake up from your bed. The same goes for vaping because it is viewed by your body as an alternative to smoking and would adjust accordingly. With additional research carried out, vaping may be addictive, like sniffing cocaine and heroin. Besides, it has also been revealed that vaping can be very addictive and become worse than consuming regular tobacco products or not being monitored effectively.

How to be on the safer side: Since it has been established that vaping can become addictive, you should ensure that your e-cigarettes liquid is safe and healthy. More so, you can make use of a lowered amount of nicotine concentration liquid in your vape. This would help reduce the volume of nicotine you consume daily while vaping.

In addition, since the batteries control the e-cigarettes in the device, an increase in the voltage would produce a more significant hit of the substance constituent in the vape. Therefore, another way you can easily maintain your healthy usage of vape is to lower the voltage produced by the device, consequently reducing the amount of hit produced by the device.

Summarily for smokers looking to quit their smoking habit, it is quite interesting to know that vaping can serve as an alternative safe means of quitting. However, with that in mind, they should also know that there are some risks associated with vaping if they are not properly enlightened about what their e-liquid should contain.