It seems like every year there are new diet trends to try. Everybody seems to be talking about them and they become all the buzz until studies come out showing how dangerous they can be. It happens all the time with only very few diet trends making it out alive as the year pass. The newest trending diet that is all the buzz right now, practiced by everyone from celebrities to experts in the fitness world to individuals like me and you is the keto diet.

What exactly is the keto diet? Well, take a glimpse into what it entails and also give some insight into whether or not you should try it, seeing if it will make it through history or fade away with the time.

What is the keto Diet?

The keto diet is a very low carb high fat diet that gets its popularity for giving those practicing the diet a chance to indulge in several juicy options, so long as they fit into the rules of the plan. There are several types although the one that’s most known is the standard ketogenic diet or SKD. Instead of counting calories, it requires those practicing to incorporate more fat into their diets and are encouraged to add healthy saturated fats like olive and oil coconut oil.

How the Pounds Shed Off 

The diet and state of ketosis begins with taking away carbohydrates from the body, which forces it to look for energy sources elsewhere. This is the reason why it is ingested at a high rate as the body begins to burn stored fat to make room for the new fats that are ingested. Whenever ketosis is finally activated, the liver begins to produce ketones, a key component in the deduction of unwanted and stored fat. Though this may seem very simple, however, it is very difficult requiring those that are wishing to practice to study up and the amounts must be followed correctly.

Is it safe? 

This is the part where the Keto diet gets very controversial, with several people that have practiced swearing by it but, doctors have a different opinion. The diet was originally used for children that were suffering from epileptic seizures; showing that a reduction in carbohydrate consumption lowered their frequency of occurrence. There are extensive studies when it comes to its effect on seizures but, there have not been studies conducted about its effects on weight loss. This is cause for concern and makes it very clear that more time is needed. There are several risks that can occur if the diet is not followed properly, some of which could have drastic effects.

Nutrient Deficiency

One of the most probable is a nutrient deficiency. This can come into play when those that are focused on adding so much fat into their diet forget to add a variety of vegetables and fruits. This, in turn, could take away essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium.

Effecting Organs

One of the key components in this diet is the liver. Changing the ratio of fats, carbs and proteins causes the liver to ramp up its production of ketones, the element that eliminates waste. However, this also means that a surplus of fat to metabolize is something that could prove to be severe for those that may have underlying conditions. A second important organ is the kidney as the high amounts of protein ingested may cause them to become overworked. This is due to an increase in protein consumption, the nutrient that is solely metabolized by the kidneys. As if these two were not enough, the digestive system and bowels are also infected by the decreased amount of fiber which could cause constipation.

Another Organ 

Perhaps the most important organ affected is the brain. The brain functions on and uses carbohydrates for fuel. These types of low carb diets are known to cause things like brain fog, leading to a reduction in memory draining the body of energy. Those that consume fewer carbohydrates have a harder time staying focused and retaining information. Long term effects have not been tested though they could be very drastic.

Is the Keto Diet Right for Me?

The answer to rather or not you should try the Keto diet varies immensely. This is because an overall healthy individual could benefit from the diet, especially when paying close attention to the body, its reactions, and the amounts of substance consumed. However, they need to make sure to follow the plan that works best for their body type; giving the body the ability to produce and store the correct nutrients in the event that side effects are present. The majority did see a positive benefit and several people have lost large amounts of weight on this diet. It is recommended to do in cycles, eating the body into ketosis to burn off fuel and then to take a break to reset the body back to its normal way of functioning.

Some of the benefits 

The benefits vary and depend highly on the individual. Not only are our bodies and digestive systems different but everyone also has different goals. Before changing current eating habits, it is always recommended to consult a medical professional to be sure that all of the organs are healthy enough to go through these changes. It also helps to take a good look at what has worked or is working for you as every individuals experience tends to be different. Those that are wanting to gain muscle or train harder might want to think twice before beginning a diet like this. They will need to adjust the amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to properly fuel their body’s seeing that they are more active than the average person. Keep in mind the goal is to lead the body into ketosis, turning the body into a fat-burning machine. Though it works for rapid weight loss, this needs to be done with the liver and kidneys in mind, making sure to take advantage of the benefits while staying safe and healthy.