These days, many people experience mild injury or neck pain due to strain, injuries, or bad sleeping habits. Inflammation caused by body reactions, overuse of the muscles, and tendons around the neck and other complications can cause possible neck pain. The neck is a common part of the body that is used most often by many people.

More so, the neck helps the head to balance; it also supports the head when a load is placed on it. However, there are situations where the neck is strained too much beyond its normal abilities; this could then results in neck pain. The neck is made up of some interlocking bones, which help to enhance stability and balancing of the head. This interlock bones also enable the rotation and the spinning of the neck when there is a need to turn back without moving the whole body.

Although the risk of injury is more prone to the neck, since it is less protected, unlike the spine. Besides the exposure of the neck to conditions that can cause it, the pain is much more pronounced, while many cases of neck pain are common. Furthermore, there are times when neck pain is mild and simple; the neck undergoes a self-healing process that could be resolved in a few days or a week maximum. In short, there are different causes of neck pain, and it’s important to find the best remedy against neck pain at for the proper healing process.

Possible Common Causes Of Neck

There are a lot of causes associated with neck pain; many of these causes might be unknown to the injured person. Although there is possible suspicion on some activities such as the way the injured person has slept or the posture, the individual sits down. Whatever the case might be, there are different causes of neck pain which includes;


Generally, the neck is a flexible part of the body, and it constantly supports the head for movement. These conditions and purposes served by the neck make it prone to injuries. Besides, there are some common injuries that could also impact the function of the neck cause serious complications for the neck. Example of this possible neck injury causes includes diving (possibly into a pool), object impact on the neck (say football or moving objects), weightlifting and many other injuries.  Any damages that occur to the muscle or the ligament are bound to cause injuries on the neck.

In cases such as motor accidents, there are possibilities of a broken neck, and it can also affect the spine and spread to other parts of the body. There could also be a neurological dysfunction if the risk is high, while paralysis can also occur.

Muscle Strain

There can be soreness in the neck area due to strain on the neck muscles. The soreness experienced might cause serious pain and the possibility of aching if it persists. Besides, the soreness could results in a sharp pain when the head is trying to move either when turning around or nodding. There are several reasons which can cause neck muscle strain; it could include a bad sleeping posture, a sleeping position without good support, and sitting in a place for long hours. The pain experienced due to the muscle strain could be mild, and it can self heal in a few days provided it is not serious. However, the serious strain on the neck muscles can be painful so much while it is still fresh. Bad neck support when you are sleeping or driving for long hours is also a major cause of neck strain.


As it is commonly known, meningitis is caused due to inflammation in the membranes around the spinal cord and the brain. It is an infection caused by bacteria or viruses that promotes inflammation in the neck region. In some situations, meningitis caused by bacterial infections can be life-threatening. This infection promotes neck pains and comes with some symptoms that are unusual, which could include high fever, neck stiffness, vomiting, constant headache, and sensitivity to light. If any of the symptoms is observed coupled with severe neck pain and stiffness, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Quick Home Remedies For Neck Pain

There are many ways you can ease neck pain before consulting a medical practitioner. Although in severe cases, it is advisable you seek immediate medical attention to prevent further degradation of the situation.  Ways to reduce neck pain at home includes

  • Avoid lifting heavy items as it can impact with your neck
  • Massaging the neck region gently with cold packs or warm water to reduce the pain
  • Doing a gentle neck stretches
  • Maintaining a good sleeping and sitting posture
  • Practicing light exercise such as yoga
  • Using neck support pillows when you are sleeping

More so, in cases of mild neck pain, there are different forms of exercise you can engage in to help relieve your neck pain. The exercises include

  • Turning your head to the left and hold still for about 20 to 30 seconds, while you do the same to the right side and hold for the same period.
  • Slowly turn your head and performing a gentle stretch for about 25 seconds. However, be careful not to overstretch to prevent pains on the neck.

However, for serious pains in the neck, you should seek immediate medical attention for proper examination of the neck region and further observation on the neck. Consulting a doctor would save you from having further complications in the neck area and preventing further spread of the pain to the spine, which could be more serious. Practicing good sitting and sleeping posture cannot be overemphasized as this is the main cause of common neck pain in individuals. Avoiding bad posture and performing regular exercise is a way to save yourself from possible neck injuries, which could cause pains in the long run.