Did you know? For each person who dies from smoking, not less than 30 people live with severe smoking-related disease.

Undoubtedly, the dangers of smoking are well-known by everybody; hence, the campaigns and solutions encourage people to quit. Remarkably, many people wish to discontinue the harmful and awful habit for good; if only it were that simple. Besides, nobody wants to be the one dying or among the 30 with serious illnesses from smoking, right?

Conversely, if you are a smoker and looking to quit, worry not! Most people are clueless about how vaping or e-cigarettes can quit smoking and a safe and effective method.

Vaping, which typically works with the help of E Liquids, has several benefits to quitting smoking. See below the benefits to expect when you take action to begin the transition process.

Read on.


Better Alternative for Your Health

There is a wide range of misconceptions and opinions about vaping. While others say it is similar to smoking with adverse effects, some say it is an effective way to quit smoking. The truth is vaping just in the middle of the two statements. To support this, vaping is strictly for smokers as a useful way to help them quit and not for non-smokers.

The contrast between vaping and smoking is that while they both deliver nicotine, vaping does not burn tobacco leaf to create smoke. Besides, it is the smoke that causes harm to your body. That is why vaping has a 95% estimate to be better for your health than smoking.

E Liquids have fewer chemicals than cigarette smoke and don’t remain in the body like tar from smoke does in the lungs. Smokers who are switching to vaping experience significant health benefits like improved immune, lower blood pressure, better lung function, better taste, and smell senses; all these within a short period.


Cheaper Than Smoking

According to statistics, an average of 20 cigarettes a day will cost you an average of 3000 pounds annually. An average smoker will smoke about 11-12 cigarettes, with the heavy smoker consuming about 25 in a day. However, all these will depend on the type of cigarette, place you buy, and many other factors included. Therefore, from the above statistics, this is an expensive purchase of death.

Contrariwise, vaping costs more only when you start because you need to buy the e-cigarette and necessary accessories upfront. But subsequently, it is considered a cheaper option than smoking cigarettes.

For a mid-range beginner vaping device, you can spend approximately £30 in advance, and additional accessories such as replacement coils and batteries cost about £90 yearly. Once you complete your bulk purchase, vaping is a considerable decrease in continuing costs compared to smoking. Moreover, e liquids come with friendly prices to suit different budgets from less than £1 per 10ml to over £10-15 per 10ml. But for a high-quality e-liquid, it will cost you around £7 per 10ml.

Generally, even as a heavy vaper and use double the average amount of e-liquid weekly, you’re still reducing your annual costs by more than half when compared to smoking!


Effective Method to Quit Smoking

While there are many remedies to encourage a smoker to quit, vaping takes the trophy home. Research showed that vaping is nearly twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), including patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, and more. To back this up, among a group of smokers willing to quit, 18% of using e-cigarettes stopped after a year compared to 9.9% of NRT users. What’s more?

Many reasons make vaping a useful alternative for smokers to cut down and eventually quit smoking. Vaping quenches many physical cravings and habits that you build up without any clue over time of smoking traditional cigarettes. Because several smokers find their hands empty after succeeding to quit, vaping sates that gap.

For instance, the act of inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke or vapor can be something you miss when quitting. Lucky for you, vaping lets you go on with smoking’s social trait without maintaining a dangerous habit.


Vapour Doesn’t Stay Like Smoke

The vapor exhaled from the e-cigarettes breaks down within seconds without negatively affecting the air quality, even in a low aerated room. Conversely, cigarette smoke can last in the air for over 30 minutes.

Cigarette smoke also aggravates the effects of passive smoking, allowing cigarette smoke to sink into fittings and fabrics in a room. This is why you will find the walls, clothes, curtains, and furniture of many smokers stained or smelling of tobacco smoke after some time. Remarkably, this is not an issue with vapers because the vapor disappears instantly after being exhaled.


A Wide Range of Vape Flavours

The ban of flavored tobacco products in the EU in May 2020 led to few options for smokers. Luckily, this is a boost to make them decide to quit. And what’s the best method of quitting? Vaping! Luckily, there is an endless limit to the e-liquid flavors available, creating a better experience for both the vapers and the environment in general. Besides, who doesn’t love sweet-scented air around them?


No Restrictions to E-Cigarette Smoking

Often, you will find so many places with posters of ‘No Smoking.’ There’s no need to explain why this is common because we all know of smoking’s adverse effects, even it is passive.

Conversely, there are presently no plans to bar vaping indoors entirely, as it continues to be the case with cigarettes. However, you will not miss a few private companies that group e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes. Though reliant on the rules and regulations of where you are, there may be no need for you to walk out and vape.

This should be something that the entire world should uphold to encourage smokers to quit and save their lives; thus approve the method anywhere and everywhere.

Finally, it would be best to discuss with a vape expert or your doctor when deciding to quit smoking. This way, you will be confident of overcoming any side-effects that may occur along the way. Remember, this is not a permanent method as you also need to cut down in time after quitting smoking.