Staying at home without being physically fit can sometimes cost you your health and money in the long run regarding healthcare bills. You are probably thinking about preventing many lifestyle diseases like obesity from catching up with you. Well, staying at home and being healthy at the same time does not have to be quite difficult for you.

Working out from home is inexpensive. Make sure to follow a routine that incorporates aspects of working out, including a warm-up, cardiovascular exercises, strength-building exercises, and resting in between.

Below are some healthy exercises for you to get started on implementing healthy lifestyles while at home.


Yoga is a great exercise you can do at home with or without a mat. Yoga involves stretching, breathing, and making postures that rely on your bodyweight to build and strengthen your muscles. Yoga is also a great way to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. You can get a hold of some yoga exercises to start with on many applications and websites on the internet.

Aerobic exercises

Staying indoors tends to make you inactive. Worry no more as there are many exciting aerobic workouts, which will help increase your heart rate and breathing. Apart from that, they will help you keep fit and energetic.  These exercises include;

  • Jogging while in one place moderately.
  • Riding a stationary bike regularly
  • Dancing to Zumba
  • Skipping rope
  • Swimming in your pool.
  • Imitating boxing.

Full-body exercises

Full-body exercises will help to keep your overall body physically fit and will improve strengthening your body muscles. In these modern days, you can get all these exercises in online apps and websites with tutorials. Such apps have made some online trainees come up with motivational slogans like Walk for your health and wealth with YourFitWay App!

Here are some of the full-body exercises you can consider.


Find an open space with a comfortable surface, lean your body forward, and support it with your arms. Raise the rest of your body such that your legs and hands support your body. Push your body down without touching the floor and hold that position for 30 seconds. Repeat this a couple of times.


Convert your staircase into a workout space. Pick two similar items at home with lightweight. Start climbing up and down the stairs with moderate speed and, at the same time, lift the lightweight objects up and down. Do these repeatedly, and you will get to exercise your whole body.


Lie on the floor with your forearms resting on the floor while facing downwards. Straighten your legs and raise your body while on toes. Stiffen your core, maintain a straight back. Hold for 30 seconds before repeating.


It is a very effective whole-body exercise. First, lower your body in a squatting position while your hands touch the floor. Push your feet backward and do a complete push-up. Then immediately after, return your body to the squatting posture before. Leap your body as high as possible. Repeat this severally as you would like.

Thigh and Leg Exercises

Thigh and leg exercises are meant to tone your lower body by making you more flexible, having balance, and improving your leg muscles’ strength. Some of these workouts include;


Stand straight and place hands on your hips. Make a step with your right leg. Lower your body and stop just before your knees come in contact with the ground. The bend should assume 90 degrees.

Wall Sitting

Stand close to a wall while facing away from it. Slide slowly down the wall with your back until your body assumes a sitting posture. Maintain a straight back and align your knees with your ankles. Hold this posture for 45-60 seconds before repeating.


Make your feet parallel while standing. Bend your knees and hips up to where the floor is parallel with your thighs. Your heels should be fixed to the floor. Return slowly to your initial position and repeat the set.

Full arm exercises

Full-arm exercises are great for reducing arm fat, strengthening, and building muscles in these areas. Some easy arm workouts include;

Triceps dip

Besides a bench or stair-step, sit on this floor with slightly bent knees. Make straight your arms while holding the edge of the raised surface.  Make a 90-degree angle with your arms. Straighten arms as your heels get pushed backward on the floor.


Spread your legs apart and bend your knees. Bend your body forward, making sure it ends up parallel with the floor. Straighten one arm and leave the other next to your hips. Switch arms after holding for 10 seconds.

Circle Arms

Extend your arms to the sides while standing straight. Around 1-foot diameter, make circles that are clockwise. Do this for 30 seconds before reversing direction.

Core Muscles exercises

Core muscle exercises will help keep the middle section of your body physically fit and strengthen and tone your muscles into a desirable state, whether getting abs or reducing belly fat. Some of the core muscles workouts include;

Flutter kicks

Lay on your back with arms close to your hips. Straighten your legs and lift them from the ground by 7 inches. Without touching the ground, continue making small up and down movements, which works your core muscles.

Russian twists

Sit on the ground, bend your knees, and hold feet together. Lift them from the ground a few inches and hold. Tilt your back to 45 degrees away from the ground; twist your arms from side to side continuously. Make sure to do it slowly for higher effectiveness.


Lay on your back, facing up while knees are bent. Lower your face slightly and place hands on the back of your head.  Bring your knees and elbows together. Hold a while, then release your torso back to the original position. Do this repeatedly.

Staying healthy at home does not need to be difficult and expensive; make sure to schedule your time for the above work-out routine. Other forms of easy healthy exercise to do at home include doing many of your duties while standing on your toes, dancing to music, doing exercises while seated and, so on.