Did you know that breakfast contributes more to weight trimming compared to lunch and evening meals? Okay, if no, then I thought you should know. Most of us grew knowing that breakfast is the least of the meals. Well, I would say it will depend on individual preference. There is still a group that values breakfast and recognizes it as an essential meal.

In the world of fitness and wellness, breakfast meals are said to be the most important of all, which sounds to be true. If you have interacted with most bodybuilders, you should have noticed that most of them prefer eating well in the morning compared to lunch and dinner. There is quite a list of reasons behind this fact most of which we will discuss in this post.

Time you eat callories Vs amount you eat

According to nutritional science, the time at which you take in calories doesn’t matter, the amount that you take is what matters in weight trimming. But with regards to our evolved understanding of nutrition, both time and amount do matter. My understanding of nutrition leads me to the fact that eating in the morning has a more positive impact on losing weight. Eating later in the day has been linked to a low rate of shedding pounds due to the reasons below:

Eating at night or late in the day may lead you to unplanned or mindless eating

Can you account for the many times you have ended up eating up almost every snack in your fridge while watching a movie late at night? Sometimes, evenings are mostly boring and you may end up consuming a lot of sugary and fatty foods which are quite against weight trimming rules. Research has shown that most people who get into weight trimming do pay much attention to their diet during their morning meals.

Most of these overweight people you meet with every day are likely victims of the evening Snacking Scenarios. I have overheard many of them before wishing they could control their eating habits at night. You may be very keen on your diet during the day but as the night falls in, your stomach grows stubborn and won’t adhere to anything like “eat moderately and carefully”. You will find yourself munching on everything edible within your house.

With our rapidly advancing world, things are changing and people get busy each day of the year and that sounds like the reason why they follow the diet instructions to the latter. I presume they get too occupied that they lack time for eating.

You must pay much attention to this because quite several studies have proved that taking less food at night contributes a lot to weight cutting.

Calories are better when taken in the morning. Taking them at night might contribute to taking a lot of them which does not favor weight cutting at all.

Our bodies respond to calories during the earliest hours of the day

Several pieces of research have shown how our bodies respond to calories during the earliest hours of the day. Consuming them at night seems to slow down the weight trimming speed while taking them in the morning works well for shedding weight. I presume it has something to do with the Circadian rhythms i.e. the mental, behavioral and physical changes within the body that revolve within a 24-hour cycle. According to the science behind the Circadian rhythms, there seems to be a biological master clock that seems to communicate to the rest of the body organs and muscles on what time of the day is. Because it feels a little bit weird how the body would respond differently to the same food at different times of the day.

If you doubt this, you can put it into practice yourself. Try taking calories immediately after you wake up and then eat what you have for dinner during your lunchtime. Well, am not advocating for night meal skipping whatsoever. All I am trying to communicate is that you should understand and start taking lighter meals at night.

As for the night shifters, things may be a little bit challenging with the meals because your circadian rhythms have been greatly affected. Most probably, your body might respond to calories differently compared to daytime workers. This because you wake up in the evening hours and go to bed in the morning after work. That is a little bit complicated there. But worry not. All you need to do is to follow the instructions as stipulated earlier in the post. Make sure you take more calories in the morning and take zero or less in the evening/night.

I would approximate your waking time to be between 3 and 4 pm. So this is the time all night shifters should take more calories. On the other hand, their bedtime should be somewhere between 6 and 8 am. So this is mostly the time at which you get formwork as a night shifter, So take light meals during this particular time to walk in line with the circadian rhythms.

 Tips to overcome night Nibbling

If you feel that night nibbling is a big challenge for you, then the tips below should help you overcome it.

  1. Situate yourself away from the kitchen or the fridge

should have noticed by now how difficult it is to resist food urges when you can perceive the aroma. To avoid these kinds of temptations, make sure you close your kitchen and fridge at a specific time of the night. If you find it challenging to remembering the kitchen closing time, you may set an alarm to remind you of it.

  1. Make yourself busy during evening hours

Of the prime causes of night nibbling is being idle. When you are idle is when you are most tempted to have some snacks and what a few. To avoid this, it’s recommended that you keep yourself busy and occupied until its bedtime.

  1. Stay hydrated

Is only achieved by taking a lot of water. There has never been a link between overweight and water. Therefore taking a lot of water is healthy and will help your stomach to feel full at night.